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Portrait SPBA warm welcome to everyone!

I’m Stefan from Switzerland and I worked my way through to the source of an abundant life, riding the waves with growing art and avoiding harmful stress as best I can.

Up until now I played quite a few roles in my life who tought me to get down to the bottom of things pertaining the source of power and vitality. As a husband, father, pastor, teacher, coach and business counselor I’ve had quite a few opportunities to get to know myself in relation to the challanges I faced. For quite a while I tried to find the solution outside of myself, until I recognized the full potential within me.

Towards Self Empowerment

Of course I’m all for sound knowledge and specific expertise. Besides my PhD in Systematic Theology I specialized in the areas of personal and organizational development with emphasis on stress regulation and innovation. In this sense there’s quite a large toolbox at my disposal. Nevertheless you’ll always get stuck half way through if you miss the linchpin which is your very Self. That’s what I’d like to share with you.

yesSpeaking of the potential within I would like to highlight a basic observation I made over the years: When it comes down to it we deal with aspects of consciousness. For me the main question is how we as individuals with our personal and finite consciousness perceive the universal and infinite consciousness, how we regard for example an ailment, as a mere nuisance or as a chance to follow our soul’s calling.

Consciousness between left and rigth brain

As humans we basically entertain two types of perception represented by the two hemispheres of our brain. The left brain stands for the past, for digital, binary and linear reasoning in the modality of black and white, yes or no, of computing data and technical manipulation. On the other hand, the right brain anticipates the future with an analog, trinary and holistic vision in the modality of shades and colors, with imagination and creation.

brain hemispheresIn my personal development I trained first the left brain in logical reasoning. This led to my doctoral thesis dealing with the correlation of knowledge and prayer, of thought and action in the work of the famous Swiss theologian Karl Barth. Later I complemented and deepened my findings with studies in psychology and quantum physics.

More and more I became aware of the one-sidedness I was stuck in. The musical side in me, which luckily enough was present all the time, liberated me to realize the right brain potential. For me it meant to leave all securities behind and jump from rational control into devoted intuition thus gaining certitude. I left the field of ticking time and entered the awesome dream time with all kinds of inspirations and feelings.

Integration through the HEART

Heart Brain SystemFinally, the responsible organ that made the integration of the two brain hemispheres possible was my heart. I discovered it anews as the treasure of empathy and love and the source of imagination thus guiding the brain. What I experienced in an unforgettable way I could also find in the Science of the Heart explained on this site. Last but not least the reason for its name: Heart Based Power.

You’ll find more about me here: google+

So my main purpose is to encourage the adventure of meeting yourself and to support the vital energies in your life. I hope you’ll find many inspirations along the way.

Cheers, Stefan

Please feel free to contact me via email: stefan@heartbasedpower.com


  1. Timothy MAhony(WA)

    Hi Stefan!

    Interesting comments on stress, personal energy and improvement. I think you’re attempting to deliver messages on integrating the body and the mind. I’ve found rally good reminders on healthy diet and healthy habits.

    The pic and discussion on the Stromboli volcano is a great blog mentioning the 4 basic elements of earth, water, fire and air. In them I can see strong symbols for our daily life.

    All in all a great start to a very interesting niche site to enlighten and improve our heart, body and soul!

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks a lot, Timothy!
      You definitely cought my drift, I really want to integrate what has been separated for too long. From a preception point of view it starts with the connection of left and right brain thinking. Since the latter is analoge, associative and pictorial the whole process is more than just arguing. You’ve got to be present with all that you are.
      I’ll come back to your site, just bookmarked it, looks great at first glance!

  2. Christa

    Hi Stefan,

    With the statistics saying that up to 98% of all illness is due to stress this site is very valuable with its wealth of information on helping people to eliminate stress from their lives.

    Your site is absolutely wonderful and a site I will definitely be returning to and referring others to as well! Thank you for the work you are doing here and the help you are bringing to a hurting world.

    God’s continued Blessings to you,
    Christa 🙂

    • Hi Christa, thank you so much for your kind comment!

      You hit the nail on the head, as we say in Switzerland. Unfortunately, it’s still not known enough, that one’s innermost feelings determine the way life evolves personally as well as collectively. Maybe you’ve heard of the experiment, done by a group of meditating people. They reduced the crime rate in Washington DC by more than 20% after two months.

      Go to World Peace Group. Same thing is true for people praying for the good life to become real.

      Take care and see you soon,

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