1. Riaz Shah

    This is a great post, Stefan! I’ve never heard of the Aeolian islands but then again, I’ve never been to Italy. I never knew there could be so much history at a volcano spot, all these while I’ve been thinking of them as plain and dangerous volatile hills that we need to avoid. Will definitely check this out on my upcoming Eurotrip 😀

    • Stefan

      Hi Riaz

      thanks for your enthused comment! Yes indeed, the history and culture of these islands is amazing. So if you’re interested in history and archeology, there’s an outstanding museum on the main island Lipari. In addition, you can discover so much more.

      Where are you from? Have you got any recommendations as to your travel experiences? If you plan to go, feel free to contact me for further information.

      Cheers, Stefan

  2. Lb

    I had never given Volcano’s much thought until now. I find your information to be quite interesting. Especially, about the sulfur, I had no idea that sulfur could be so beneficial to the human body. As a visual person I really appreciate the pictures you have provided, as it really impacts the article. Thank you for this post, I now know more about volcano’s than I even thought possible.

    • Stefan

      Hi there

      thanks a lot for the encouraging feedback! Do you remember the eruption of mount St. Helens? First it was a total devastation. But shortly after nature came back even more rich and powerful. So it makes very clear, that volcanism is truly nutritional in the end.

      Take care, Stefan

  3. What a nice article and what a beauty of nature. I recently got a comment on one of my own texts, with a sentence ‘God is the greatest artist’. Indeed so and Aeolian Islands are his masterpiece.

    I like that you mentioned the fisherman, I had such encounters in my climbing, they remain in memory forever.

    You said you wanted to go back, and I can fully understand this. I would like to go there. Thank you, I learned something new here.

    • Thank you so much, Jovo, for your passionate remarks!

      These Islands really give you the feeling to be in the presence of the Great Artist. And when you meet some indigenous people who can touch you in their original way, then the experience of this landscape takes on a unique face.

      Take care and see you later,

  4. Maarten

    Hi there,

    I’ve always been intrigued by volcanoes. I’ve seen and climbed a few on the archipelagos of Indonesia and the Philippines.

    I did not however had any clue of the lack of sulfur in our diet, and that this could have great benefits regarding to our health!

    I have some minor joint problems myself, due to hard work throughout my teenage years. (My own choice to start an own event building business along with school during this time 😉 ) Could you recommend any nutrient supplements for me?


    • Stefan

      Hi Maarten

      thanks for coming to my site with your question. Yes, sulfur plays an important role in transporting oxygen to the cells. Through its antioxidant propriety the cell membranes get repaired which is crucial for any healing process. I would bet that your joint problems will decrease taking the sulfur supplements. Here you’ll find my recomendations: http://heartbasedpower.com/best-whole-food-product

      Tell me what happened, I’m anxious to hear from you!


  5. Jeff

    Wow – I’ve never heard of the Aeolian Islands before but they definitely sound like a unique place to visit. I’ve always been interested in volcanoes and this seems like a place to add to my list. When I finally get the opportunity to visit Italy – I will make it a point to check out the Aeolian islands. Thanks for the information.

    • Stefan

      Hi Jeff

      I’m glad you discovered another beautiful place on this planet and I really hope, you’ll make it there sooner or later!

      Cheers, Stefab

  6. Sammy

    This is a very interesting post! I would never imagine that I can get a chance to visit those volcano places. Just out of curiousity, is there a geologist monitoring the status of the volcano regularly to forecast on the next eruption. Never knew there is such health benefit of vulcano.

    Thanks for sharing. Wish I can be visiting them in the near future.

    • Stefan

      Hey Sammy

      thanks for stepping by. Those volcanos are really special places indeed! And you bet, they are monitored by a sofisticated surveillance system around the clock. So they’re abel to predict dangerous developments and then close parts of the island. I hope you’ll make it there some day :-)

      Cheers, Stefan

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