1. Duncan

    Very interesting article, Stefan. Having experienced adrenal burnout, I concur that it can take a fair time to recover. Strategies that adjust your focus are essential.
    Thank you


    • Thanks Duncan for sharing!

      If I may ask, so that others can reflect upon themselves better: What were the signs you realized that your vitality is at stake? And how long did it take you, after having discovered that this is an issue? As for myself, I was lucky to get an early warning by the HRV-measurement. So I was able to get back on track after about three months. Usually it takes six months and more.

      I’m looking forward to hear from you. Take care,

  2. Brian

    Hi Just read your page and will vouch for you! I use to work in a full on stress environment daily and can say with experience that it’s best to find ways to cope BEFORE there’s a health issue, not after damage is done, and you are forced to make changes to your way of life via illness or injury! We’re all invincible young men and woman at heart, but unfortunately the body tends to argue against that quite often. Very informative and keep up the good work!

    • Stefan

      Thank you so much, Brian!

      What you’re mentioning falls in the category of anticipatory coping. It is so important to learn this, because naturally we lack the necessary perceptions for changes in blood pressure or cortisol levels for example. One of the best indicators can be found in the quality of our emotions. The problem arises in my view because we’ve learned mostly to override them instead of appreciate them. With innovative detection tools we can improve our perception.

      How did you tackle this tricky challenge? Would be great to hear from you!

      Take care, Stefan

  3. KayliAnne

    Thank you for all the amazing information. Both myself and my husband suffer from adrenal fatigue. I was raised with the Be perfect, Try harder, Hurry up, Be strong and Please others, to the extreme. This is something I am trying to unlearn and it is very difficult. I am glad to have found your site 🙂 When dealing with this issue I was not allowing for the emotional side of things just the physical side. I am glad to have made the connection with your site. I have bookmarked you and will be back for more information. Keep up the good posts!

    • Stefan

      Hi Kayli

      thank you so much for your open and honest response! I’ve found this to be key to start real change in your own life. And many times it is the most difficult step, because it starts to shatter your current world view and habit.

      Concerning the emotional side you’re mentioning, I realized there’s something like a universal law: The symptoms of your body are indicators of the underlying emotional dynamic. When you study on my site the language of the heart and how it can be deciphered by way of a genial measuring device, you can build a bridge to your previous way of looking at adrenal fatigue.

      Finally, you’re so right when it comes to the unlearning of old patterns! I recommend the following post: HOW TO LEARN SELF HYPNOSIS – Induce Trance With Words. Nothing spooky there, just an introduction into the power of you imagination!

      Take care, Stefan

  4. Leonardo

    Wonderful and interesting post!
    This will really help us consider a healthy and stress free living. I like what you mentioned in the last part about remembering the children’s ways. The best way to relief stress is the connection to people who care about you, though we need to have a physical rest to regain our strength, our best support are the people who love and understand us. Most of all being connected to Our Creator who gives us the inner joy, peace and calmness in this stressful world. God bless!

    • Hi Leonardo
      thanks for your supporting feedback! You’re right, considering all the different factors for health and wellbeing it is important to remember the most important thing: the connection with Our Creator. It is my belief too, that in the union with the Creator lies the abundant source of life. Even if somebody isn’t religious at all, they might have a feeling for the primary Source of all. Here is a very valuable common ground for deep healing.

      When it comes to preventing burnout, could you recommend my post to a concerned person? Do you know perhaps of somebody? What would you change? I’m open for suggestions, because with my work I want to foster life.

      I’m looking forward to hear from you!
      Take care, Stefan

  5. Tom

    Hi Stefan- Interesting concept and one that is not talked about enough. Your argument on how to regain your vitality from adrenal fatigue is well presented and researched, as well as laid out in an easy to follow format.

    The amount of stress on the modern human could also account for so many occurrences of anxiety disorders, that seem to be more prevalent these days.

    Connect with your surroundings, be present, show gratitude are mantras we could all live by….

    To me your conclusions are not only valid but essential for true emotional health.


    • Stefan

      Hi Tom

      thanks for your encouraging feedback! You raised an important point there as to the anxiety disorders, since nowadays it is one of the most prevalent ones. Litterally, anxiety means narrow, cramped or tight pointing towards the cause of this problem, namely the constant pressure and stress in almost every area of our lifes.

      I will dedicate one of my next posts to this topic. Have you got any observations that are important from your point of view? It would be great to hear from you.

      Take care, Stefan

  6. Eileen

    I found your website to be very interesting and informative. There is a lot there to digest and take in. Very thoughtful of the human experience in most of the world today.

    How did you become interested in this thought toward health and healing?

    I hope many people will come to your website and give it much thought. I believe it will be for their benefit.

    Thank you,


    • Stefan

      Hi Eileen

      thank you so much for your kind support!

      As a theologian, pastor, teacher and business counselor I was always interested in the human condition and what improves the positive potential. After many dead end studies and experiences I discovered the heart to be the linchpin for true change in our world. From this starting point I had to delve into the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects in order to be able to offer a holistic perspective.

      Also in my personal life, the most important thing has become the awareness which enables me to listen to the heart, to that which really belongs to me and drives me, combined with heartfelt connections to others.

      What do you think about this? I consider to offer coachings with costs via skype. Do you thinks that’s feasible and also wanted?

      Take care, Stefan

  7. Simone

    I get stressed very easily. I am a worrier. I have been seeing a natural health practitioner who checks my cortisol levels via urine. At my last few appointments she mentioned adrenal fatigue because of my cortisol levels. I didn’t really ask her much about it, but when I came home I started looking it up.

    I had no idea it was something so serious. I am going to try to do some meditation or maybe yoga.

    The information you provided has been very helpful.

    • Stefan

      Hi Simone

      thanks for your openness! That also heps others. At first, it’s hard to admit that onself is concerned with this issue. But take it as a chance, so you could take action at the right time. It’s multifaceted and requires patience. So most of all be kind to yourself, see what brings you back to center and gives you a balanced feeling.

      You also might look at healthy food and supplements. In addition to what I recommend in this post http://heartbasedpower.com/feeling-exhausted-all-t…, it’s important that you take Vitamin B12 and Amino Acid. But I guess, your practitioner knows that.

      Take care, Stefan

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