BENEFITS OF WALKING EXERCISE – How to Improve the Immune System

BENEFITS OF WALKING EXERCISEThe benefits of walking exercise cannot be overestimated, because here lies prevention as well as the cure for many ailments! In addition to that, it’s the only way to keep your vitality as you grow older. That’s why this topic is so dear to my heart. I will show you the secret behind a wholesome life free of disruptive factors, that is how to improve the immune system through moderate exercise.

Mobility is at the heart of lifelong vitality and health.

Don’t worry if you do not consider yourself as a sporty person or if you stopped moving at all for one reason or another. Many so called hopeless cases could be resolved by way of purposeful, regular and moderate training!

Healing Power of Exercise

It is never too late! Yes, even if you have been ill and thus immobile, the slightest change you make towards mobility will bring you closer to health. Support comes among others from the psychiatrist Wane Sandler. Even though he is prescribing the fashion drug Prozac, he is convinced that daily exercise helps much more to rebalance the brain chemistry.

How to Improve the Immune SystemTo one of his patients Sandler said: “Now, exercise is going to be your drug – and you have to apply it every day for at least 30 minutes.” Studies around the world confirm his judgment, which is very encouraging. It puts the initiative back into the hands of the patients.

Just as I’ve outlined in my last post about the fact that the Heart is More than a Pump, we have to claim a paradigm shift: Relating to widespread diseases like osteoporosis, rheumatic joint problems, chronic back pain or diabetes (Type 2), the body may no longer be spared. Instead, it has to be activated.

Basic Conclusion

Thus, we can continue our considerations with the simple and surprising statement: Moderate exercise has to be viewed as an original cure which can be dosed like an approved drug. The Institute of Sports Science at the University of Regensburg in Germany puts it in a nutshell as follows:

Sport is the only possibility to stay healthy growing old.

Exercise isn’t just a useful give-away, in order to improve health. On the contrary, it’s the precondition for a human being in order to function normally. It makes you immune to all kinds of ailments and pathogens. Let us go deeper and ask for the beneficial effects of exercise.

>>> For more details consult the great book Healing through Exercise <<<

Meaning of Muscles

Meaning of MusclesEvery human being has more than 600 muscles which are connected to all physiological processes in the body. And if you ever had an injury whereby you couldn’t use parts of your muscles anymore, you know how plastic and malleable this tissue is. Only after a few days, the muscles shrink and become stiff.

So it’s not exaggerated at all to say that all your muscles are a gateway to vitality and health. Just consider this: the more muscles you have, the more active your metabolism is going to be, the stronger the immune system becomes, the more calories you burn and the more weight you loose – just doing nothing. But that does only work if you regularly exercise your muscles.

Recommended frequency for exercise: at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes.

As I said, you don’t have to become an  iron man or woman. It’s already good enough to walk energetically, or nordic walking might do it as well. The main thing is not to become a couch potato! 😉 The sooner you train a habit of exercise the easier it will be to  pursue such a life style. It has amazing effects on the most important muscle of all, the heart.

Living Your Heart Desire

Total lack of exercise is just as bad for your heart as heavy smoking. This is amazing considering the fact that for heart cases doctors prescribed total rest up until the seventies. The effect was just the opposite: the condition of all the patients got worse. But fortunately, now we understand the health benefits of exercise for the heart.

Living Your Heart DesireI could mention so many intriguing correlations. Let me just highlight a single fact: moderate endurance sport can generate new natural bypasses in areas of the heart which aren’t supplied with blood anymore (ischemic). Provided that the body is activated along a specific program until the chest hurts (ischemic pain), then stem cells are released from the bone marrow that grow new blood vessels.

Once again, regular training is the best gateway to health – and notice, it even has no side effects. In other words: Walking exercise is more effective than every drug. It reduces the death rate by more than 20 percent. How much more proof do we need?

Best Way to Relieve Back Pain

Best Way to Relieve Back PainAnother problem area is the back. It’s estimated that at any given time 35 to 40 percent of the population in western industrial countries suffer from back pain. Most of the time, the ailments disappear after a few weeks. But about 10 percent remain with chronic back pain. The doctrine leading to diagnosis has changed many times over the last hundred years. Where do we stand now?

Let me first tell you the story of Dr. James Weinstein, one of the most famous back surgeon in the US. Like many others, he was overwhelmed by lumbago from one second to another. I know how it feels! Like a glowing spearhead penetrating into the lumbar vertebra. As a natural consequence, you want to stop moving at all. But Weinstein did the exact opposite!

Funky Cure for Lumbago

James Weinstein

James Weinstein

He took an anti-inflammatory drug, iced over the hurting area and went jogging. It sounds absolutely crazy. But with that, he just followed the suggestions he made to his patients all along, with great success. In his own words: “One can suffer from pain and still function.” This goes together with the result of many studies stating the importance of how a patient thinks about his illness and the chance of recovery.

If you suffer from back pain and your doctor suggests an operation, consider this: first of all  operations are a lucrative business where many gain except you. Secondly, concluding from pertinent literature, 10 up to 60 percent of all spinal disk surgeries are failures. So, before agreeing to any back surgery try to find a good rehab program. And finally, Swiss studies have shown that Aerobic is the most effective way to prevent and relief back pain.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

JuvenalEverybody wants to use his or her full potential. That’s what health is all about, to be free or immune when it comes to all kinds of attacks on our well being. With a strong Immune System, you’re less likely to attract infections of all kinds. With a grain of salt, we might say: lightheartedly run away from cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

In closing I want to remind you of the famous old Latin saying by Juvenal:

orandum’st ut sit / mens san’ in corpore sano

You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body

Over time, there have been many ways to interpret this phrase. To me, the most important truth I can find here is the notion, that for a succeeding and meaningful life we have to aspire to both fundamental needs: a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. They condition each other in a holistic way.

Cognitive and Motor Functions Are Interrelated

It’s no accident that regular training of body and mind massively decreases the chance for dementia. Just like the heart builds new blood vessels, regular and specific body exercises make nerve cells grow. As a rule of thumb we can apply this principle to all areas of our life: Only the faculty that you constantly use will remain strong and vital.

Jörg Blech, the German journalist who specialized in medicine and science, ends his book Healing through Exercise with the following conclusion:

Joerg Blech30 minutes exercise every day is the answer to all the big diseases of our time.

What are your experiences with this pivotal topic? Feel free to tell us in the comment section below, thanks!


  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Stefan,
    This is a very timely article. I used to go jogging quite often last year but after I started juggling two startups at once, my life is getting haywired and I have very little time to exercise.

    I’m noticing that my immune system is dropping substantially low – i get sick very easily and I can’t even stand a littlest dust lest I’ll start sneezing non-stop the whole day. I also get headaches more easily and I get fever too. Does that have anything to do with the lack of sleep I have? I sleep 5 hours a day and work 14 hours a day. Do you have any advise for how busy people can regain our immune system if we do not have time to exercise?

    • Stefan

      Hello Riaz

      thank you for the supportive feedback and your open statement! You really seem to be stuck in dire straits which requires immediate action. Well, in order to give serious and sustainable advice, I would have needed a more private setting with several sessions. So let me tell you quickly two things:

      1) Look after your sleep, make it long enough so it’ll regenerate your body and soul. You’ll find more ideas on how to become relaxed in this post:… – or if you research following the different categories.

      2) Start making regular pauses, like every 50 minutes for 10 minutes. Do something totally different, give your brain waves a chance to slow down.

      I hope this helps! Please let me know, if I can give you another quick hint.

      Cheers, Stefan

  2. Pete

    Hey Stefan

    This is a very clear and focused post, I really liked the way you developed this topic. I always believed that regular exercise is crucial for health. But now, understanding the scientific and experiental background, I want to apply this in my daily work.

    Since I work as a coach, I have additional arguments at hand for many of my clients. What would you do if somebody cannot go for an intense walk at all?

    Thanks for answering, Pete

    • Hey Pete

      thanks for the feedback! Indeed, understanding the effect of exercise is almost half the deal. As to your question, it depends on the situation and readiness of your client. Of course, it starts with his or her strong will – I don’t have to tell you that. But you can make it easier for him or her.

      – In case someone is totally handicapped and cannot walk, specific forms of yoga would be advisable.
      – Or I also recommend using an exercise bike combined with a program of weight lifting with barbells resp. rubber band. This is especially effective for over weight.
      – In sensible cases you may also try the Feldenkrais method described in the book “Relaxercise: The Easy New Way to Health and Fitness” listed on this page:

      If you have more questions, please let me know! All the best and take care,

  3. Vera

    Great article and I totally agree – the healing power of exercise is so huge but same time so underestimated.

    It’s so easy to forget that your body once was built to MOVE when your sitting in front of the computer all day long;)

    But then some kind of pain arises and we realize we can not do without exercise. I am happy I found jogging to be the relief of my backpain!

    • Stefan

      Hello Vera

      thanks for sharing! This is in my opinion a good example for the fact, that truth always is simple – but not simplistic 😉

      How long did take for you until the pain was gone? And did you have to apply pain killers in the beginning.

      Take care, Stefan

  4. Johnson

    Exercises are very vital to human health, as i believe it keeps the vital organs in our body alive.

    Thanks for taking out the time to write a review on walking exercises, i will say even though it might seem quite easy to do, it is also very much effective.

    I look forward to your other reviews, as i am very much willing to learn new things everyday

    • Stefan

      Thanks Johnson for the kind commente!

      What’s your challenge when it comes to exercise? So I could be more precise in my help.

      Take care, Stefan

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