Best Health Shop

Best Health Shop

With the following selection of reviews and referrals in my best health shop, I’m striving to offer you really exquisite pearls. Some of them I own myself, some I’ve researched thoroughly. I tried to come up with the most important cagegories. Please let me know if you’re missing out on something. Now you can choose between the following categories:

  1. Heart Coherence Training – HeartMath products
  2. Adaptive Kitchen Devices – easy make healthy recipes
  3. Managing Stress Books – handpicked self help guides
  4. Stress Relief Devices – large impact with small costs
  5. Best Whole Food Products – vital nutrients supplement
  6. Body Care Store Online – Best Natural Beauty Products

Another wide spread stress concerns money respectively income. Many dream of working at home, becoming independent and being able to do whatever and whenever they wish. Is there a valid option? Yes: Quit your job and change the world! Well, I’m just kidding, at least sort of. At any rate you can start your own online business. For more details, read on!

Start Your Own Online Business!

If you’re interested in building your own online business within a niche that suits your competence, then I want to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you. It’s an outstanding platform, the best I was able to find, which gives you all the support you need for a very reasonable prize.

As for myself I developed the website you’re just visiting now on this platform. And you can even get the first courses for free, in order to convince yourself. Have a try! For more in depth discussion, go to my site MakeYourIncomeOnline.


  1. Lori

    I visited your post “Finding your flow in Meditation” and want to thank you for the advice. I am a stressed out person who finds it difficult to focus and the idea of sitting down for 30 minutes trying to calm and focus has just made me more stressed. Your advice on starting with just 5 or 10 minutes a day is GOLDEN. Thank you so much. This is my starting point.

    • Hey Lori
      I just realized that I didn’t answer your comment for so long, I’m so sorry!

      Yes indeed, I’m so glad that my contribution helped you in finding your own way. If you want to get more ideas or support, just feel free to click on Exercises in the Tag Cloud on the right column.

      Take care, Stefan

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