1. Boyo

    Hi Stefan, I’m always experimenting with our blender trying to come up with some healthy flavour combinations for our smoothies. At the moment our favourites are frozen bananas, red berries and a scoop of oats with perhaps a squidge of honey. The frozen bananas in particular give the smoothies a real creaminess. Do you know of any other fruit or veg that have a similar effect?

    • Stefan

      Hi Boyo

      thanks for sharing. I’ll try that with the frozen bananas, sounds great! I suppose if you took mangos and put them in the fridge after preparing, that could work too. Haven’t done in yet. Mango also fits very well with spinach.

      Have a nice weekend, Stefan

  2. Pete Williams

    Het Stefan.

    Great List. some of my personal faves are here!

    I absolutely love avocados, I’ve heard that pound for pound they are the best fruits on the planet to give you everything you need.

    Out of your 8 listed fruits, it’s these little crocodile pears and bananas that I munch away on the most.

    As for the Veg, It’s Broccoli and spinach. I love to blend the broccoli heads up with spinach and make a nice nutritious soup for afternoon snacks.

    Going around your site, my blender will never have any shortage of things to blitz up in there. Your recipe for energy makes me want to crank up the machine and go for a run like now! I like the optional Peppermint leaves in the Fruit Awakening Recipe, ’cause I love minted drinks.

    That makes a nice little-added touch to the flavor and it’s going to taste excellent.

    Trouble with me at the minute is I don’t have the fridge freezer space yet to store all these scrummy Smoothie energizing recipes.

    Anyway, all the best Stefan


    • Stefan

      Hi Pete

      I loved reading your comment! Indeed, you know the power of freshly made smoothies. As for the freezer, I’ve got the same problem too. So I have to make it fres every time.

      Well, you’re right, Avoados are supposed to be one of the richest fruits on earth in many respects. Isn’t it a telling coincidence that if you cut them in half they look like an eye? Thus power for the most important of all senses

      By the way, what are crocodile pears?

      Take care, Stefan

      • Ha Ha!
        Crocodile pears are also another name for avacado’s.
        Loved what you told me about the cutting them in half to reveal the eye!
        I guess we’ve both just learnt something.
        Right on!
        Nice one Stefan
        Very best,

        • Hey Pete
          that’s really cool, now I get it. The skin of avocados look like crocodile skin and the form like tears.

          I like this kind of exchange!
          Take care, Stefan

  3. Tar

    Hello Stefan.

    It’s great to see someone encouraging on having fruits and vegetables with listing out the important benefits. Also, I am fascinated that you also list out recipes as it does not have to be eaten plainly dull.

    Just curious, would you open a healthy juice booth if you had the opportunity?

    • Stefan

      Hi Tar

      thanks for the uplifting feedback. Have you tried one of my recipes? As to the juce booth, I see them all around in Switzerland nowadays, so as a business model it would be a difficult start I guess 😉 But it surely is attractive.

      Take care, Stefan

  4. Stacey

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the informative article on smoothies and possible ingredients/benefits.

    I am a fan of juicing but am yet to make smoothies. I need a blender first! Is there one in particular that you recommend?

    I think my favourite combination would be anything with strawberries, coconut and banana. I love avocado but feel a little hesitant trying them in a smoothy, really?

    • Stefan

      Hi Stacey

      Once you’ve got started on smoothies, you can’t stop. That’s my experience 😉 So it really helps to have a good blender. Just go to my post and click on the review link there, you’ll get the ino there. Let me know what you’ve decided.

      Cheers, Stefan

  5. Cathy

    Hi there Stefan,

    I am also a big smoothie fan and yes, a strong blender makes a lot of difference. Initially, I was tempted to buy those smoothie-cum-tumbler kind of light weight blender – the capacity is mostly up to 700ml.

    After reading some reviews, I ended up getting the Philip blender which is affordable and does the job right. If you want a good smoothie, it’s always worth the investment.

    • Stefan

      Thanks Cathy,

      indeed, I appreciate the confirmation you give concerning a powerful blender. Successful experience is all that counts in the end.

      Cheers, Stefan

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