Change by Heart – benefits of a positive mindset

All right, you’ve reached the core of my website where I talk about the heart based power. I’m convinced, that for every improvement to succeed within stress relieve, it has to be a change by heart. Now that I’m following my instinct to heal, I can tell you: This organ as well as this metaphor contain the secret to unlock your full potential. You may read on, but in order to get the whole picture I recommend you start at the beginning.

Change by Heart

Endangered Heart

The main cause for death nowadays can be found in the disease of the cardiovascular system culminating in heart attack. The organ which is traditionally related to love and affection can no longer keep up with its higher calling. Neglected as a mere pump it literally breaks down in the midst of emotional chaos. Isn’t it an alarming fact, a blatant cry for help? And why is it still overlooked by way of treating it as e mere technical problem via medication and operation? Can’t we see the message that’s wrapped in the heart disease? I hope you can. So, we need a change by heart, because the heart requires our full attention.

ID-10079413If it’s true that the heart is sending a message, then we’d better listen. As logical that sounds as difficult it is. After ignoring the heart for years and years it’s quite a huge step to lend an open ear to it. In addition to that, you might as well think I’m one more of these new age infected guys jabbering the day away. So in order to open the ears, I’d like to touch quickly on  the physiological context which is laid out in Servan-Schreibers book Instinct to Heal.

Heart-Brain System

Heart and Brain work together

Medical research like that of the Institute of HeartMath has proven, the heart is much more than a mere muscle pumping blood through the body. For me it’s fascinating to see that spirituality or poetic philosophy have been correct all along, in that they regard the heart as the central entity of an individual human being. The heart governs both, all the psychophysical aspects and connections inside a person as well as all relations outside.

benefits of a positive mindset

The heart is the linchpin for the self evident truth, that whatever manifests inside yourself corresponds to the manifestations outside of you and vice versa. Finally, there’s no difference between you the observer and the observed. All divisions are just illusions. This was probably the most important discovery made by the  French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1682) at the beginning of our modern age. He coined the term logique du coeur, logic of the heart, discarding all abstract systems in order to perceive that which is real.

The brain in the heart

One of the latest discoveries reveals that there are about 40’000 neurons in the heart, a separate brain so to speak. This opens the possibility for memory, learning and independent decisions. Moreover, the heart produces the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, 60 times stronger than the brain. This field is responsible for invisible communications similar to the technology we use in mobile phones.

The heart governs the braintorsion field of heart

Even more surprising is the fact that in the end the heart governs the brain, because there’s more information going from the heart to the brain than the other way around. Let me summarize the pathways which are used:

  1. Electromagnetic field
  2. Compressional wave of the pulse
  3. Neuronal pathways
  4. Hormonal signals

>>> as to the science and technology see Heart Coherence Training <<<

We can’t go into details here. For me reason enough to focus on the heart and its influence it has on the brain and hence on all aspects of a persons life. From this point on we’re looking for inspirations how to influence the heart in a way that helps us keeping the balance in life.

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