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Heart Is More than a PumpMy whole website revolves around the fact that our heart is more than a pump. By way of processing emotions, it basically governs the kind of life we lead. Although the consequences of this discovery are far reaching, most of today’s science and society still looks at the heart as a mere pump. But for those with an open mind, I want to break new ground and define a paradigm shift.

The new science of the heart changes your world view radically.

Why is it so important? Because every time you’re dealing with humans, privately or professionally, the new discoveries around the heart define all interactions, no matter if you recognize it or not. Especially when the relationship to certain individuals or a group is crucial for the outcome of your endeavor, be it in the role of a teacher, counselor or physician.

What Is a Shift in Paradigm

When I focus on the connection from heart to heart, then I’m not just falling for the line of touchy-feely talk for lack of better arguments or scientific background knowledge. With a PhD in Systematic Theology from the renowned University of Basel in Switzerland, I have the tools and credentials to evaluate such a statement. In fact, using the example of the heart, I can demonstrate the great paradigm shift we’re currently in.

 DEFINE A PARADIGM SHIFTPlease understand this one thing, the starting point of every intelligent and humane endeavor: The study of the heart leads us beyond the old materialistic paradigm into a new spiritual one. A paradigm describes the way we look at our lives, the basic concept upon which we build our knowledge in order to see us through the puzzling diversity of this world. Let me clarify it with a few bullet points:

  • Old Paradigm    ==>   New Paradigm
  • material   ==>   spiritual
  • rational   ==>   symbolic
  • atomistic   ==>   holistic
  • theoretical   ==>   poetical
  • quantity   ==>   quality
  • technical   ==>   organic
  • competitive   ==>   cooperative

These are just a few hints I don’t have the time to elaborate on. If you want to dive deeper, read The Structure of Scientific Revolution by Thomas Kuhn (1962). But I hope you’ll get the drift of what I’m trying to endorse. With the following examples and facts, it’ll become much clearer.

Amazing Science Fact

For our purpose, I want to propose two scientific discoveries which are behind the initial statement that our heart is more than a pump. First, the investigation of the blood circulation in a chicken embryo, and secondly the revolutionary discovery in the heart itself.

  1. chicken-embryoAutonomous blood circulation: At Harvard in 1932, J. L. Bremer analyzed the blood circulation in a chicken embryo. To his astonishment he found out that the blood moves even before the heart is built out. In other words: the blood moves in a self propelled mode. You can read the study here. (See: American Journal of Anatomy, Vol. 33) Thus the question arises: What is the purpose of the heart?
  2. Brain in the heart: In 1991 scientists discovered about 40’000 neurons in a human heart. This unique heart intelligence has the potential to sense, learn and concludeLittle-Brain-in-the-Heart, totally independent of the brain. In ways I explained here, both heart and brain work together, they communicate with the body, with other humans and the earth itself. Consequently, the quality of emotions is at the center of health and wellbeing.

When we consider only these two amazing facts, then the way we look at the governing principle in human existence is turned upside down. The old question concerning the relationship of body and mind appears in a new light. No longer can we reduce human thoughts and behaviors, consciousness as a whole, to mere biochemical processes. In that sense, materialism in the shape of genetic determinism for example is a dead end.

To sum it up, perceiving, describing and molding the world we live in is first and foremost an emotional procedure. In the end, it’s all a question of the state of your mind and thus of mindfulness. By the way, basic insights of quantum physics confirm the strange notion of mind over matter.

Therefore, the most important question is: To what degree are you aware of the quality of your consciousness? Can you see the freedom in all of this, can you feel the enormous power of this paradigm shift? Let’s go a step further.


Earth Magnetic Field Effect

What does the earth magnetic field have to do with the connection from heart to heart? More than you probably think in your dreams! This aspect reveals the purpose of the heart. Remember that the heart is the very organ that produces the strongest electromagnetic field in the body.

Now, the nature of electromagnetic fields basically consists of transmitting information. They are carrier waves of biological relevant information connecting all living systems. As such, the heart is New-Science-of-the Heartthe strongest sender and receiver. Whatever is in your heart, be it uplifting or depressing, has an equivalent first in your body and then in the world around you.

This is the scientific background of the somewhat stereotyped notion that everything is connected with everything. Once you understand the pivotal role the heart plays here, then it is simply logical to care about the heart much more than before. Pay attention to that which is in your heart, to your feelings, because it indicates the vitality of yourself as well as the world around you.

Heart Centered Rebalancing

Finally, let me consider the consequences of the paradigm shift we established here for best natural stress relief. If we look at the heart as a switching point rather than a pump, then a huge potential can be unlocked. On the contrary, it’s no longer a surprise why so many people suffer from cardiovascular distress or even cardiac arrest.

Heart Centered Rebalancing

The state of your heart is just as important for yourself as it is for the world around you. That’s why the emotional balance is not just your private business. If you start improving a balanced connection of your heart with all aspects of life, the so called heart coherence, the easier it gets for those around you. And the more care about heart centered rebalancing, the healthier the world is going to be.

If the personal, social and global coherence are interconnected, then new chances arise which rearrange our priorities. Do you grasp the dignity which is bestowed upon you? Even if you’re Global-Coherence-Initiativechained to your bed, by the power of your heart you can connect with likeminded friends around the world and make a difference. The Global Coherence Initiative is one platform, that promotes a lifestyle based on this new paradigm (sign up and you’ll see more details).

Closing Remarks

Understanding the paradigm shift using the example of the heart is one thing, another thing is to adapt your life accordingly. It starts with the decision to focus on the heart as the prime connection to your body, to others and the surroundings. Keep it simple and listen to your heart regularly and attentively.

>>> The HeartMath Institute supports your Heart Coherence. <<<

Start with a total new approach to life, or resume the truth you always felt deep inside your heart. On my website HeartBasedPower, you’ll find many inspirations and much support. I wish you joy and passion discovering the source of life! Take care of you heart, spread the news if it changed your life and leave a comment below.

I’m looking forward to meet you here, Stefan

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  1. Natalya

    Dear Stefan this is so fascinating!
    Thank you for this website! I think we all need to get more open minded and start to “think” with our hearts. I have been following the Heartmath Institute for a while now and even went to a life presentation in Arizona.
    So Big gratitude for all your work here and wish you a great success!

    • Stefan

      Hi Natalya

      thank you so much for your feedback! When you went to Arizona, what was your biggest discovery? Do you work with the emWave device?

      Thanks for answering, Stefan

  2. Cees

    This is one of the most interesting sites I’ve read in along time, a total eye opener and something I have to read a few times to get the hang of it. Does let me make look at us as humans differently.

    I wish you all the greatest success with your site.

    • Stefan

      Thanks Cees

      Please let me know if I can clarify something for you, because there might be many more like you who need some support. I’m happy to expand on whatever you wish.

      Cheers, Stefan

  3. Alan

    I think I will be coming often to your website, because I always loved these subjects which science doesn’t accept as facts. I ‘m open minded and I believe there are many things that we can’t really explain at this moment. But that doesn’t make them false either. Well, I really dislike the way science treats what they can’t explain as false most of the time, like they feel they’ve got the ultimate truth.

    Great article.

    • Stefan

      Hey Alan

      that’s why I’m here with my website: I want to unify objective scientific facts with subjective anecdotal perspectives. The big problem in my mind is the reduction to materialism which doesn’t hold water at all. Just look at quantum physics which clearly states that we cannot seperate the observer from the observed.

      In addition to that, listening to our inner voice, we sense that “there’s much more than is dreamt of in your philosophy”. Shakespeare knew it long ago.

      Take care, Stefan

  4. Hasmiza

    Hi, Dr. Stefan,

    This site is really informative and the raised issue about heart and stress release is really close to my heart as well.

    We need to take care of these things everyday and we know that your site is the right place for us to visit regularly for reference. Your research and findings about this new paradigm of the heart is useful to the whole mankind. Congratulation.

    Regards, Hasmiza

    • Stefan

      Hello Hasmiza

      thanks for your support. I wonder if there’s anything you find difficult when it comes following your heart. I really like to develop this new paradigm with relevant discussion. So I’ll be happy to take up whatever is on your mind.

      Cheers, Stefan

  5. Carolyn

    Reading your post reminded me of the matters discussed in the Mayan Code from Barbara Hand Clow. Our society is based on what our 5 senses perceive and any feeling or intuition is considered obscure and not “real”. I love reading your post as it brings to light all that makes us human. It’s about time we start considering our heart and soul is as important and real as the body.

    • Stefan

      Hello Carolyn

      It’s so great you’re talking about Barbara Hand Clow, I’ve heard some interviews with her on Red Ice Radio and other places. Would love to read something she wrote. What would you recommend?

      Before 2012 I delved into the topic of the Mayans quit deeply, among others with “The 2012 Story” by John Major Jenkins. It showed me that we lost a big chunk of wisdom known to many ancestors. Strange archeological remnants are a testimony to that.

      But the most imporant thing for us we have to accomplish if we want to survive, is the change from a materialistic paradigm to a integral. Thanks for supporting this with your words!

      Take care, Stefan

  6. tony

    I did not know about the egg that the blood moves before the heart is established the building blocks of things are amazing. I think this page on the heart is great I learned some new facts and how the heart is more then just a pump to keep you alive. I am sure there is a whole study on this and reference?

    • Stefan

      Hey Tony

      thanks for your interest. It’s always great to discover new facts that can turn your whole world view upside down! Now I got the time to look for the study which I could find. I’ll include the link into my post. Here it is:

      Wish you great new discoveries with your heart, Stefan

  7. Albluello

    Hi Stefan,

    thanks for this great article. I had never heard of the heartmath institute before. You certainly piqued my interest and I’ll check it out. I practice mindfulness whenever I remember it, but I need to admit it takes effort and consistency…

    Could you write more about the neurons in the heart.?..that is really something that brings a new quality to words like “living from the heart”. I hope we can all get there sooner than later…the world is in ample need of it…Adam

    • Stefan

      Hi Adam

      thanks for your interest and your supportive feedback! It’s true, we desperately need more people who live from the heart. Let me give you this general remark on neurons, and I’ll pick it up in a later post:

      I hold the notion that our brain, in fact all neurons, are at the receiving end of consciousness. Thus they are not causing it as main-stream science claims with its materialistic world view. In other words, neurons are the medium through which your consciousness is interacting with your body and the world around you.

      On this page, you’ll find further information:… I hope this helps.

      Cheers, Stefan

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