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ID-100111653Let’s talk about sex, the best marketing trick. You think that’s weird in a blog about stress relief? Not at all, if you ask me. A lot of our daily effort goes into getting attention, for example into claiming ones value on the single market – indeed a stressful task! What better way can you choose than sex appeal? Or would you have even started reading this blog, if the title was something like “Research on Marketing Tools”? Instead, your eyes are caught by the question: does sex sell products?

Sex sells

To declare something for sale is a common starting point for the magic power of sex. On one hand, sex is, explicitly or implicitly, one of the favorite if not the favorite topic in marketing itself, because in junction with the product or service, it creates a need to buy. A cheap trick you may reply. Yes, with its spell sex sells, it activates the deepest layers of our unconscious. You can be manipulated into doing something you wouldn’t do or dare if you had your act together.

So far it’s a superficial form of magic. But if you want a totally different approach, that goes much deeper and uncovers the hidden powers of authentic and genuine sex, you might find a vital teacher in Ishtar Babilu Dingir: to me her Book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar has opened new dimensions.

Paradox nature of sex

On the other hand, sex plays a hidden but crucial role here on my website, as some of you may know. Not only does sex cause horrendous stress, at the same time but under different circumstances it can be the most effective stress reliever. Sounds paradox, and yes it really is.

ID-10033942Did you realize life is rich with paradoxes? The reason for that lies in the fact, that life itself is situated in a world of polarities, of which the power of sex probably is the strongest one. Last but not least, giving birth to new life we as human beings participate in the creative act of God itself.

Sex appeal of sex

Obviously, one is tempted to merely use this magic power of sex for own purposes. And definitely, you wouldn’t be the first one. In my latest blog 50 Shades Of Grey So What – 3 secrets the government is hiding you’ll find more on the ambivalent nature of sex.

In my view, sex appeal is inherent in the word sex itself, because it represents vitality, joy and happiness, thus it opens the gate to the secret of flow. Primarily, this is true in the most literal, physiological sense. During an orgasm, your pulse is high while the brainwaves tend towards zero. This means, you’re totally awake and relaxed, both at the same time. The only thing that counts is the present moment and an enormous creative power flushes your body and soul.ID-10072833

Once you’re aware this is a walk on a tightrope, grant this magic power of sex its due place in your life and apply a dash of sexiness to everything you do!

Please share your thoughts. I’m anxious to enter a magic discussion!

Enjoy, Stefan

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  1. Michael

    Very interesting and useful Website about Sex and Sex appeal. You bring out many aspects that most do not think about. Nice Job!

  2. JIm

    Ask Carl’s JR restaurant if sex sells They have been using the scantily clad women eating burgers ads forevever..and they seem to be always busy.

    • Great example, just watched the ad. Simple, but it works. We had the same in Geneva Switzerland at the car trade fair: lots of hot women fotografed by sedately men.

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