FEEL TIRED ALL TIME – Smoothie Recipes for Energy

FEEL-TIRED-ALL-TIMEDo you feel tired all time? If that’s the case, today I will show you how to improve your vitality. There are many aspects to this topic, namely physical, emotional and spiritual. But the basic agenda lies in strengthening your physical health, which works out twofold: 1) Consider what kind of nutrients you offer the body and 2) consider how to get rid of the toxins. Now the good news is that you can reach both goals with smoothie recipes for energy. Below you’ll find my first suggestions.

Open your heart to the power of organic food.

Before you start mixing your own smoothies, look for organic fruits and vegetables, because they contain a minimum of toxins and offer the most nutritional value. And applying a high end blender, we use the fresh products as a whole. Remember, that the good stuff is in the peel.

The recipe is for one serving. You don’t have to use the exact measure. Experiment according to taste and hunger. Cut the items in smaller pieces and put the dense and heavy stuff first, so the blades can get a hold of it and develop a vortex. Keep a small handful of the pieces aside (for later addition). Then add a bit of water or any juice you have.


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Vegetable Booster

  • spinach (fresh leaves): a handful
  • carrots: 2 medium size
  • celery stalks: 3-4 stalks
  • apple: 1 half
  • lemon or lime: 1 slice
  • line seed oil: 1 tablespoon
  • fresh herbs (parsley, chive, thyme, oregano …)
  • turmeric (fresh or powder)


  • 1 egg (raw): if your meal doesn’t contain proteins
  • cashew nuts: proteins and magnesium
  • honey: to add some seasoning and energy

When you’re done with the mixing, take the remaining pieces, cut them really small and add them to the smoothie. This helps to insalivate the nutrition for better digestion and optimal effect.

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Fruit Awakening

  • pineapple: 1 big slice
  • strawberries: a small handful
  • apple: 1 half
  • coconut oil: 1 tablespoon
  • ginger (fresh): 2-3 slices
  • cinnamon: one dash


  • banana: 1 half or more
  • (almond) milk
  • peppermint leaves

Tell me below of your experiences and new variants. In the next post I will explain the nutritional value of every single ingredient.

Enjoy your meal!

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  1. Rufat

    Great article Stefan!
    As I can see you’re very knowledgeable in this field and can give your readers some valuable advice and practical instructions. I think strengthening your physical health using natural products is the best and wisest method because it strengthens human’s immune system for a long time compared to multi vitamin tablets.

    Many of us have a habit of making the process easier and faster and that’s why we buy vitamins while it’s not as effective as drinking a natural juice is. As you mention, it’s also good for digestion and optimal effect. Since I’ve started drinking natural juices I no longer buy concentrate juices.

    • Hi Rufat
      Thanks for sharing your experience! Indeed fresh smoothies cannot be replace by concentrate juices, especially when it comes to the antioxidant effect which is responsible for cell regeneration. Moreover, those products usually contain too much sugar.
      Take care, STefan

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