From Stress to Flow

Let me start with the final goal: the ultimate experience of flow. One enters that zone of ultimate vitality once the attention is totally focused on the actual moment immersed in the activity itself. All feelings are energized and fresh because the actor is one with the action, the observer with the observed; all separations are suspended in the presence. Imagine a musician who becomes one with his music. Or imagine lava flowing out of a volcano thus releasing pressure from inside the earth. Balance is restored.

StromboliOn the contrary, most people of today are branded with stress suffering from excessive demands or too little challenge. They have a hard time dreaming about flow not to even think of finding it. It’s like they’re trapped in themselves. My purpose is to show you how to relieve stress and unlock your own potential so you can transform your life from stress into flow. But before change will be possible we have to look at the present situation with open eyes and a clear mind along those tree lines:

  1. Secret of Flow
  2. Vicious Circle of Stress
  3. Change by Heart


  1. AndyJ

    Hey Stefan,

    Just read you latest post “I am the shadow of my true self – getting rid of the poison.” Great read. Thanks for posting it.


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