Fuel Your Body – best whole foods diet

Fruits 3How do you fuel your body? Some people think more about the fuel for their car than for themselfves. But you don’t need to bee a rocket scientist in order to come to the conclusion, that the kind of food you’re eating determines your overall condition. If for example a racing car doesn’t get the right fuel, he won’t even make it to the start.

There’s alot to say about nutrition. Generally speeking, many reasons support to look for best whole foods diet.  I start with a few comments on snacks in between.

List of healthy snack foods

Of course, fresh fruits are always on the top of the list. Make your selection in a way, that you’ve got a nice balance between sweet and sour. As an ideal stockpile at home or on the way I recommend the following items.

  • Dates – a miracle fruit, because they contain all necessary minerals, but also lots of calories!
  • Dried apricots – perfect against stress because of the magnesium.
  • Cashew nuts – many unsaturated fatty acids, trace minerals; good antioxidans.
  • Almonds – similar to cashews plus many vitamins, especially E and B.
  • Black chocolate – more than 75% cacao, magnesium and antiaging substances.



  1. Van

    Lovely site!

    I agree, fresh fruits and vegetables are at the top of any healthy snack list. And I love the emphasis on whole foods, this is KEY for an optimum dietary regimen.

    Dried fruits are an excellent source of calories, but we should limit them if weight loss is a goal.

    • Thanks Vanessa! Great to be in touch with you. Just saw your site and I’ll definitly spend more time. Thanks for the initial reminder! More to come… STefan

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