Heart Coherence Training

This is indeed my favorite product line I’m promoting here on heartbasedpower.com, because HeartMath LLC supports my intentions in an extraordinary way. On the first page of this website I portrayed the change From Stress to Flow. With the HeartMath products below you’re able to measure if you’re closer to stress and burnout or rather to flow and vitality. Moreover, by working with the Heart Coherence Training you can adjust exercises and steps in general that suit you best and help to strengthen your inner balance.

HeartMath ProductsThe application is very simple: you take a pulse sensor, clip it to an ear lobe and connect it to the USB port. The pulse data will be translated into the actual coherence and the degree of balance between heart and brain will be visualized with different diagrams. At first glance you can see the general potential on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Research has shown, that focusing on positive emotions like appreciation serves as the best natural stress reliever and provides you with more calmness and confidence. The recommended devices below can help you to reach that goal.

EMWAVE PRO | for professionals

I would like to introduce to you the flagship coming from the Institute of HeartMath. Basically it’s for health professionals, coaches and all in the consulting business who are interested in biofeedback, who want to get an overall picture of their clients. It might as well be suitable for you as a private person, when you’re interested in a detailed analysis of your own psychophysiological dynamic.

emWave ProProduct: NEW! emWave® Pro hardware and software
Price:  $299.–
Included: additional educational material
Guarantee: 30-day money back
My Rating: 10 out of 10

NEW! Now available with Heartcloud

In my practice I’m working with this tool now for years and really don’t want to miss it anymore. It’s very useful especially for clients in a competitive environment, because it helps them by way of measuring what in the end is beyond measurement: the feelings and emotions.

This sounds paradoxical, but makes sense when you consider the fact that the emwave pro is like a bridge to the underlying subconscious current of life. Here lies the key for lasting change. Of course it requires sensitivity and expertise in order to work with such a device.

Inner Balance Sensor for iOS – Lightning

If you’re using apple products, especially iPhone or iPad, then this is a very compact solution. The inner balance app offers you a detailed self-monitoring device.

Inner BalanceProduct:  HeartMath 6400 Inner Balance Sensor
Price:  $129.–
Guarantee: 30-day money back
My Rating: 10 out of 10

NEW! Now available with Heartcloud

This is meant for modern nomads who need everything on one gadget which is most of the time a mobile device. The possibilites are you get with this purchase is between the professional version above and the potable device below.

EMWAVE2  | portable device

If you’re on the run, with as little bagagge as possible, then this is your perfect choice. With the LED light sensors it’s very practical to get an overall feedback on your momentary state as well as training support for relaxing breath.

emWave2Product:  get your heart in sync with emWave®2
Price:  $199.–
Guarantee: 30-day money back
My Rating: 10 out of 10

NEW! Now available with Heartcloud

I use it for myself, when I’m on the way. And sometimes I give it to my clients, so they can decide what emwave device they want to buy. With its new function you can sync all your data on a online-platform that gives you additional feedback and help.


  1. Yasin

    A very fascinating subject, but I’d like to read a clearer description of how emotions are generated (heart or mind first, or both?) and then how the body, as brain and heart, respond and influence one another.

    And while there may be some nebulously benefits to manipulating our emotions, I find greater worth in deepening emotional honesty for far richer and more meaningful experiences in life that come by way of being transformed by our difficult emotional states, rather than these methods of superficially negating a whole chunk of life’s difficulties just because they feel bad.

    There is a treasure trove to be found beneath the difficulty of challenging emotions, which we cannot arrive at when we manipulate our feelings in this way described. I share this to illuminate the hidden beauties and wonders of deep heart work (not what Heartmath shares) and the real spiritual dangers of denying our psychological pain in the name of greater fitness and logistical health benefits.

    Heartmath techniques may be helpful as physical treatments for some people, as described, but ultimately, my experience and other studies show that unless we journey to the depths of our hearts (by embracing and sining into our challenging histories and traumas) we miss out on a lot of profound healing. It is this deep healing that addresses difficult and chronic sabotaging emotional patterns at their root.

    Besides, in our world, there is a tremendous place for emotional honesty: for anger, for sadness, for remorse in order to change the status quo. If we all walked around as little bliss bunnies (an exaggeration and not that this is even possible via Heartmath), looking at only at what we can appreciate and love, there would not be much activism and support for deep creativity and soulfulness, would there?

    So, yes, it’s important to appreciate life. But even more important perhaps to be honest about reality, our personal and collective, and to cultivate depth and all the miracles that come with the deep transformational work, which necessitates not to mess with our real feelings, but let them change us into a radical kind of compassion, gratitude, love, and empathy.

    • Hi Yasin
      first, let me thank you for your long and interesting comment! I appreciate it very much, since I can see where you’re coming from. Living in the country where the famous psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung lived, i.e. Switzerland, I’m very familiar with the concept of the shadow, the hidden and sometimes frightening parts of the soul.

      When I lived in the US in the 80s, I had an inner aversion against the often found hug-me-smile-believe-it superficiality. A culture of authentic self and honesty isn’t glamourous and doesn’t always lead to external success. Chances that one is going to project toxic parts of oneself onto others are quite high. I devoted a post to that topic: http://heartbasedpower.com/i-am-the-shadow-of-my-true-self-getting-rid-of-the-poison

      The products of HeartMath are just tools I’m using to help others to get in touch with themselves and focus on the good vibration having gone through the dark night of the soul. This is only possible in open relationships with others.

      Take care, would be great to hear from you again!

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