1. Jerry

    Hi Stefan, a very clear and informative read. I was wondering what the difference is between AT and yoga or Buddhist meditation, which is aiming for the same thing but through breathing techniques. Cheers, Jerry

    • Hi Jerry
      thank you. Basically they can all be seen as forms of meditaition: placing something in the center and contemplate on it, ponder, reflect and muse. The main difference in my mind is, that AT has a specific intent which is all about relaxation apart from any religious belief. In other words, being a mere physical thechnique AT concentrates exclusively on the body via imagination.

      As such AT can be seen as a valid preparation for a spiritual journey. There, the goal is either union with God, enlightenment or a certain state of consciousness.

      In terms of confinement to the body, Yoga comes closest to AT, because it works with body exercises. Whereas the long holded positions, the so called Asanas, can serve as a gateway into spiritual practice. From that moment on, religous teachings become essential.

      The common core in all these practices is mindfulness. Thus everything can be done in a meditative way beyond any specific religious belief, just totally paying attention to what is.

      What do you think?
      Cheers, Stefan

  2. Tony

    Without regular practice, will autogenic training work? Great post and do you only recommend this training to people who are motivated and committed to autogenic? Studies have shown that AT works, and it can be an effective treatment for chronic stress. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Tony
      like everything AT too needs practice in order to develop its full effect. As the saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day… Let me ask you directly: Do you want to change something in your life? Then AT is a great way, because it gives you the authority and the power. Let me put it very bluntly: Just like you have to die on your own, you’re responsible for your life on your own – but not alone! Together, we can support each other to become free. That’s my goal.
      Take care,

  3. brandon

    This is a great article very informative about relaxing the mind through using affirmations. Does this work better if you meditate for a little bit beforehand to really calm your body?

    • Hi Brandon
      Yes indeed, any kind of technique that brings you back to your center is valuable. Myself I suggested to do the body scan.
      Good luck trying,

  4. Stu

    Nice article! I use to have anxiety and it still flares up from time to time. I usually use the deep breathing technique but I will have to try this out next time!
    Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Stu
      thanks a lot for sharing! AT could be a great supplement to deep breathing. That way you reach your subconscious in order to rewrite the dysfuncitonal anxiety program. Very important: only use positive affirmations, because every negative formulation ads to the negative programming. And do it regularly.
      Hang on and good luck,

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