How To Feed Your Soul – hidden power of emotions

Stromboli Okt 2014The best natural stress reliever lies within you, at the core of your being as the hidden power of emotions. Sometimes you need to pause for a moment in a very special place, in order to remind yourself of the burning flame inside, of your soul. This happened to me when I was standing half way up the volcano Stromboli, where I photographed this awesome sunset. Many ways how to feed your soul, find yours!

With this passage I’m trying to prepare you for this discovery. Try to be fully in the presence without judging, rationalizing, reasoning at all. Ask yourself what you’re feeling, what’s going through your mind. Observe and finally come to the notion that you’re one with the observed. As a helpful step towards that you can click on this picture and meditate the sunset. Can you feel the nourishment for your soul?

Hidden power of emotion

For a very long time now, our culture predominantly valued reason much higher than emotion. According to the leading thinkers of the Enlightenment, emotions belong to the dark and confused realm of the unconscious, and therefore have to be controlled by the light of reason. Out of this presupposition the paradigm of objective science was formed, which is prevalent still today; that’s why nothing is believed to be real and relevant, unless it can be counted, measured and weighed.

Although brain research of all things has shown, the underlying factors that determine psychological as well as physiological health are emotions. The limbic system, located in the center of the brain, operates like a check point for evaluation, attitude and behavior. So it is essential to become aware of the general and specific role of emotions and feelings, when we deal with stress relief.

Different types of emotions

Basically, emotions can be divided in pleasant and unpleasant ones. It helps to understand an individual situation much better. Observing your own emotions, it is very helpful to describe them with words, not in the sense of rationalizing them but in order to give them a conscious quality which reveals the underlying dynamic.



In this context, remember the autonomous reaction of fight, flight and freeze. If you want to use a different scale, that includes this trichotomy, I’d propose the following one: angry corresponding to fight, scared to flight and sad to freeze. The other three characteristics are obviously the positive side of the coin.Emotions

I’m interested in your experiences with the hidden power of emotions and. So please feel free to leave a comment how to feed your soul, thanks!


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