1. renan

    Hi Stefan,
    How refreshing to read your article on how to manage your downside, really impressive the way you took me to lose my inner fear and how to manage my decisions without outside interference in my decisions. Nice music accompanied by beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your professional knowledge.

  2. Tankytanky

    Great article, I was very inspired by your methods of dealing with negative emotion and energy. I also read your article about overcomping anxiety. My mom actually had a lot of anxiety few years ago, and she got better after she stopped working for a while. She could relate well from the strategies you gave. It is very helpful and I think the keypoint is to change the mindset of feeding into anxiety or negative energy to the mindset of taking initiative to actually act on the problems from a well-established solution or strategy.

    • Stefan

      Thank you so much for your personal story and your supportive comment!

      You’re spot in my opinion. It really boils down to the quality of energy we let into our lifes. Most of us clean the house as a matter of course, but many forget to keep the inner house clean, to watch for destructive influences trying to sneak in. the following motto pins it down: Energy flows where focus goes.

      But there’s still the possibility of a traum, a dark and haunting experience, which is sometimes hard to discover.

      Cheers, Stefan

  3. Chris

    Funnily enough I looked into this subject a few years back and I was really surprised by the amount of people online who suffered with negative feelings. One of the main techniques I came across was to take off the ‘gloomy specs’ and try looking at the world differently. It’s okay to feel sad about situations, but rememeber that you can get through it! Great article – really enjoyed it!

    • Stefan

      Hey Chris

      thanks a lot for your feedback! It really is appalling how many are programmed with negative thoughts. Just look at those who grumble and moan the whole time or simply have a grumpy look on life. In this regard your metaphor of taking off the “gloomy specs” is liberating indeed.

      To my mind, when we look at the root of this negative undercurrent, it amounts to self loathing. I guess, I have to write a post about this as soon as possible 🙂

      Take care, Stefan

  4. Ian

    This is a very useful article.

    I’ve used and continue to use visualization to be able to manage my negative thinking. Your visualization also reminds me of several different types of Buddhist meditation, wherein we observe thoughts arise and then we let them go and return to the breath.

    Well done.

    • Stefan

      Hi Ian

      Thank your for your interesting remarks! As a theologian I’m very familiar with all the different mystical traditions which have breathing exercises and mindfulness at their center. It really is a huge treasure trove.

      Cheers, Stefan

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