HOW TO KEEP CALM AT CHRISTMAS – Energy Vampires Protection

Energy-Vampires-ProtectionFor so many good-hearted people, Christmas becomes an ordeal because they meet with all the family members and among them with some really unpleasant creatures. That’s why I want to discuss with you how to keep calm at christmas. It has to do with energy vampires protection, with the best way to protect yourself against the drain of your life force.

Don’t deny your heart at Christmas.

Actually, christmas should be the most happy time of the year, filled with warm emotions. Using the word “should” demonstrates that this time is also often driven by great expectations. For some it’s like entering a mine field full of deadly traps and thieves. I’m not thinking of the thieves in super markets or other busy places, but of psychic vampires who take away your energy and joy.

Holiday Depression Stress

Holiday-Depression-StressSeveral friends and colleagues of mine pretty much hate this time of the year because of the organized happiness and superficial harmony. At least they pass this charged season with mixed emotions. The old year comes to a close, days are short and nights are long, when a reflective and rather dark mood fills the air. In addition to that, the final spurt at work has cost a lot of energy. Is it of any surprize when so many look forward to a soothing time of relaxation?

Almost everybody has reached the limit of tolerance. The lack of sunshine ads to the bad temper too. But time and again, some go through a big hassle loosing tons of energy and nerves. They suffer from holiday depression stress. How about this year? Those concerned know only too well, which family constellation promises the next catastrophe. It seems to be inevitable.

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Signs of Mental Abuse

Every so often, right in the midst of our families there are soulless people, emotional vampires without genuine feelings. They are empty inside and thus need others to recharge their energy like parasites. In psychology they’re also known as psychopaths. I’ve written a post about this topic with the title: AM I WITH A PSYCHOPATH – Why Some People Lack Empathy.


Observed from the outside, the signs of mental abuse or psychic vampirism are somewhat surreal and comical. But when you’re affected by it, there’s nothing to laugh about. Some of those parasites wear funny clothes like this freaky Christmas sweater, some rather choose the stealth mode. But all of them pretend to be jovial, happy and content yet with an underlying aggressivness.

What is really hard to understand is that they live from negative and dark energy. The more you feel uncomfortable and the more depressed you are, the better for them. In the middle of an easy-going conversation they slam you with evil allegations and criticism just to annoy you. Or they spread a pessimist mood to kill the last part of happiness that’s left in you.

Signs-of-Mental-AbuseAt any rate, you feel uneasy around them without any specific cause. Quite often they act like shallow stereotypes with a lavish grin on their face, sometimes, as I mentioned, combined with exaggerated clothes like an ugly sweater or shirt. In very subtle ways they create hysteria or partake in it. By way of radiating passive aggressiveness they spread negative energy and make your vacation as rotten as possible. On top of that they might ask: “Haven’t we a good time, do we?”

Coping With Christmas Stress

So how do you keep calm at Christmas under those circumstances? Maybe you’re pretending to enjoy this family reunion while your stomach is revolting, when the only thing you want to do is to run away. So what else can you do than go outside and smoke a cigarette on your own? And if you don’t smoke… I can relate to those feelings and I’m familiar all to well with the following objection: What else should I do? I’m a part of this family, and as a good Christian I have to submit to this ritual once a year.

trust-yourselfDo you really have to? Well, come back to your senses and ask yourself what you feel and how much worth you attribute to yourself? As a good Christian you’re asked to love your neighbour as yourself. So when it comes to respect start with yourself, especially when others don’t care a feck about how you feel! Seeing through the pattern of mental abuse by a soulless psychic parasite, there’s no use in offering your love in the first place.

In case you’re dealing with such a vampire, the only way to protect yourself is by avoiding contact. It begins with a deliberate protection of your emotional and mental body. Imagine a sphere around you like a soap-bubble which allows you to see everything protecting you from tentacular penetration. And ally yourself with like-minded people. But this measurement might not be strong enough. In this case you’d better avoid physical contact.

I can understand, if you have to make difficult decisions, but look there are many ways to go about it. If it’s too late for a trip, you can still claim to be ill, which is absolutely true considering the stress you have to expect. Instead, spend some time rebuilding your strength and resilience. You’ll find many inspirations on this site easily accessable through the tag cloud on the right hand side. Perhaps you even make yourself a present choosing from the selection in my Best Health Shop.

Coping-With-Christmas-StressHow to keep calm at Christmas? In light of the rather gloomy perspective you might be facing, this is my Christmas present to you: trust your feelings, use your imagination and pursue the way you and your loved ones – I mean those you love from the bottom of your heart – really makes happy.

I’m looking forward to hear from your experiences. What’s your solution to this challenge?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Stefan


  1. cutepackagingbeautyproducts

    Hi there. I have yet to encounter anyone who suffers from holiday depression stress. Those around me love Christmas and pretty much look forward to it as it is the season of joy and giving. I must be really blessed in the case. Your post is rather enlightening on how to keep calm when dealing with such people.

    Any tips on how to deal with Christmas shopping stress?

    • Stefan


      thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you don’t have to wrestle with energy vampires. Nevertheless it’s good to know they exist und be prepared.

      Well, as far as shopping stress goes, I have a radical and a somewhat mundane solution. The first has to do with my abhorrence at the consumerism which hijacked Christmas. In this sense, I refuse to buy lots of stuff.

      The second solution touches the problem of procrastiation which I know all too well. But things changed when I became more mindful. And over the past quarter I used to think of all my loved ones every once in a while. You can call it meditation. When I saw something I knew they would be excited about, I bought it or worked on it.

      I hope my answer comes just on time. So don’t put yourself under too much stress and try to do it differently next year.

      Merry Christmas to you, Stefan

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