1. Vanessa

    I can see how this advice could make you a much better friend or relative. It can be difficult to know what to say when someone is upset and your advice can guide you through a difficult conversation and hopefully give them some real help. Thank you for this.

    • Your welcome, Vanessa!
      Sometimes you just need a reminder that it’s good enough to be present, fully listening to the other person with compa”ssion. You don’t have to give advices all the time. The German word for that is “Ratschlag” containing the word hit = Schlag. I really don’t want to hit a hurt person, do I?

  2. Marie

    Thanks for some good advice. There is always good to have a couple of good questions to ask. Sometimes it is hard to know what to say. I have to remember it is good enough to just listen. And listen with your heart. Marie

    • Hey Marie,

      thanks a lot for your kind comment! I’m glad you’ve found some support in by blog. In the end it doesn’t take many words to be of any help in a difficult situation as you said. So it’s got to focus an helpfus questions and the right attitude.

      I’ll bookmark your page and come back later for a comment of mine.

      Take care, Stefan

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