HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY BABY FOODOnce you’ve become parents and your baby has grown up for the first few months, then one of the most important questions is: How to make healthy baby food? Besides your unconditional love and affection, proper nourishment is crucial for the healthy development of your child. In fact, that way you show how much you care. To that effect, I’ll give you quick easy meal ideas, very tasty and nutritious, closing with a personal note.

Grow a strong heart in your child serving healthy meals prepared with love.

As a father of three children, I’ve done it plenty of times and I loved it! Both the preparation of the pulp and then the feeding of my little darling. I really believe that a loving attitude in preparing and feeding the meal is just as important as the application of high quality ingredients. Do it with your heart and your child can develop a strong and caring heart itself.

When Can I Feed My Baby Baby Food?

When Can I Feed My Baby Baby FoodAs a rule of thumb you can add pulp to the regular diet after 4 – 6 months. Best way to start is with a mashed banana, so you can test if your child is ready to take food from the spoon and swallow it. Which signs tell me my baby is ready? My baby …

  • … is able to keep his head up straight. This is important because you want to feed with a spoon.
  • … can sit alone without help. In the beginning you may want to put it on your lap.
  • … does chewing motions. Because it has to transport the food to the back of its mouth.
  • … has gained weight in a normal way. In average the double of its birth weight.
  • … is interested in what I’m eating. It’s observing and trying to grab with its hands.
  • doesn’t sleep through the night and is more hungry. It needs more energy.

Ingredients for Vegetable Pulp

carrotsBefore you choose the appropriate ingredients you have to consider the fact that the gut flora of your baby isn’t fully developed yet. So you want to look for food which is easily digestible and serves the need of your child. If possible, go for organic food.

  • Vegetables: potatoes, carrots, spinach, fennel, parsnip, zucchini, cabbage turnip, broccoli, cauliflower, peas.
  • Juices: orange, sallow thorn, elder (for vitamin C). If you can’t make it yourself,
  • Oils: olive, rapeseed, sunflower, walnut, sesame. Taste yourself beforehand, because cold-pressed oils can be very intense. Otherwise start with refined ones.
  • Butter: after a while you can try and add a little bit of butter.
  • No spice or salt! Because your baby would be overwhelmed after the only milk nutrition.

Later on you also may try to combine some fruits with the vegetable pulp. Usually I mixed mashed bananas and grated apples together as an in-between meal. But try yourself some nice combinations. I would definitely recommend carrots plus apples or spinach plus mango. In the end, your child will show you if it’s happy with your choice.

Preparation of Vegetable Pulp for Baby Meals

Quick Easy Meal IdeasAs I said, look if possible for organic food. Since it has more vitamins and nutrients and you won’t overcharge the tiny organism of your baby with noxious substances.

I advice you to make two or three portions, so you gain some time you desperately need anyway in this phase of your life. In case you want to deep-freeze a bigger supply, just take more. Watch out that you cool it off quickly in a cold water bath and fill small portions before putting it into the freezer.

  1. Wash, (peel the potatoes and carrots)Β and cut it into small pieces.
  2. Put the vegetable into a cooking pot or steamer with a little bit of water and cook it for 5 – 10 minutes until it’s smooth.
  3. Then put it into a high end blender together with the juice if you have some and puree the individual mixture.
  4. Finally add some oil or butter. Start with a little bit, then increase the amount. Take butter smudged boyonly after your baby is accustomed to the pulp.
  5. Then feed your baby with a plastic spoon. And don’t be surprised if in the beginning – and for a long time – half the pulp is spread all over your baby’s face and clothes πŸ˜‰

Different Variants and Combinations

In the beginning you may start with only carrots. Furthermore, the combination you choose depends on the season and especially on the taste of your child, its likes and dislikes. In the beginning don’t mix too many different ingredients. Your child has to become familiar with the different tastes. So you can help him develop its senses.

In my experience, potatoes make a good base ingredient. They sate and don’t have too strong a taste of their own. In addition to that, most babies like the creamy consistency that comes with them. Here’s the recipe I cooked innumerable times.potatoes

  • Potatoes (best are the mellow sorts)
  • Carrots
  • Zucchini
  • Butter

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Usually, I always scooped more than my baby could eat. So it was my turn to finish up the plate which I did with great pleasure. At first I was suprised and almost puzzled how hearty and delicious it was! This simple meal felt like a resurrection of my primal sense of taste, something like a mystical communion with nature and above all with my child. It literally opened my heart to the loving unity behind all things.

On this personal note I finish my post and wish you joy and success in feeding your baby! If there’s anything I can help you with, just let me know in the comments below or through mail. I’ll be happy to get in touch with you and share my experience.


  1. Max

    Dr. Stefan,

    Just happened across your site. Excellent post on making your own baby food. Great use of cute little images to help illustrate. Maybe I could use some of these ideas to get our three yr old to eat? : )

    Looks like you have done a great deal of work on putting this site together! Well done!

    Cheers! To our Health!

    • Stefan

      Hey Max

      thank you for the support! I hope you’ll find new ways in feeding your little one. I want to share just one thing: I don’t think it’s worth while to force your child into eating so called healthy food. Give them a nice choice and trust in their taste. My son, for example, when he got older wouldn’t eat any fruits or vegetables. Now, at 15, he’s a strong young man succeeding as goalie and starts liking broccoli and carrots more and more.

      So don’t become desperate πŸ˜‰


  2. Travis Smithers

    You have put together a very knowledge based post for parents with newborns now approaching the age of eating prepared baby food.
    This post is just in time for my sons little fella for them to start experimenting with what foods their little one will start eating.
    You have some good tips that can be looked into to get started, thanks.

    • Stefan

      Hey Travis

      great to hear, thanks for the thumbs up! I wish your son’s little fella a happy meal πŸ˜‰

      Take care, Stefan

  3. Susan

    Thank you Stefan, This post is great. Your instruction on preparing food with love and attention for the newest member of your family is excellent. I especially like that you told us how to store what we have prepared for a longer period of time so that we are never rushed in preparation. Do you believe we can set our children’s eating habits this soon after birth when we use proper nutrition?

    • Stefan

      Hi Susan

      thanks for your uplifting comment. Yes, indeed I believe that we can set the tone of our children’s taste. So for example we didn’t give them sweet drinks like siroup or even apple juice, just plain water and the daily milk bottle. Now they are in their teens, have good teeth and only sporadically grab soft drinks.

      From a physiological and neurological point of view early nutrition has a great influence on the whole organism as well as the habits.

      Cheers, Stefan

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