I AM THE SHADOW OF MY TRUE SELF – Getting Rid of the Poison

Shadow People

Just as there is poison in your mouth, you can get rid of by way of oil pulling, there’s the problem of dealing with the poison in the soul, the dark shadows. But the solution isn’t so easy. How many times have you had horrible dreams, frightening nightmares, that you tried to push out of your life?  How many obsessive moods and evil thoughts were circling your mind, attracting bad circumstances and almost driving you crazy? And how many times did they come back nevertheless in even darker form? What a terrible cause of stress! Let me tell you, there’s a way out of it, once you stop fighting them and you realize: I am the shadow of my true self.

Working with the shadow self

carl-jung-1-sizedIt takes deep insight and great courage to stand your ground and deal with your shadows. In other words this means you have to acknowledge their presence being a part of your very self. Apart from that you’re projecting the shadows on to something or somebody else which drives you straight into a vicious circle. So avoiding to look at the dark side you’re feeding it.

Because localizing and fighting the dark forces outside of yourself, in the end you’re fighting nothing else but yourself. The shadowing psychology of Carl G. Jung, a famous Swiss Psychiatrist and Therapist, helped not only me to come to grips with this essential law of life.

Transform your soul’s poison through compassion

I’m convinced that the survival of our species, maybe even of the whole planet, depends on the seriousness with which we incorporate this thruth in  our life. See how much power you have and how important you are?! I can only give first impulses, but for sure I’ll come back to this  issue many more times.Shadow Street

  1. Recognize that there are shadows in your life at all.
  2. Acknowledge them as an intrinsical part of yourself.
  3. Look at them with sober and plain compassion.
  4. Penetrate them intensly for what they are, so they can be restored.

I encourage you to put this paradoxical truth into parctice : The darker the poison the stronger the healing power hidden underneath. You might very well need someone to help and support you along this difficult road. Stabilize your life, look for someone you can trust and then confront your shadows. The key, anyhow, lies within compassion, which comes from a deep appreciation of the life force. It’s more than a cheap smile, more than mere positive thinking. Try it out!

I’m interested in what you think and what works with you. So please feel free to leave a comment, thanks.

God’s Speed!Butterfly


  1. Glen

    I admit, when I have this great idea and I want to carry it out, there is this someone within me that tell me that I cannot do it because I am not worthy of anything. COuld it be the Poison himself? Thankfully I do not have frequent nightmares. Somehow my 6 month old baby girl keeps everyday life a lot happier.

    • Hey Glen, thanks for sharing your doubts too. BAsically it’s a life long journey into your inner cosmos – which in the end is the cosmos itself. That is a whole other topic which I may discuss in another post.

      Start with the shadow you just described, the inner voice that is blocking you. Before you enter a dialogue with it, remember there’s a place in your being which is perfect, complete and free, mirroring the first light of creation. You may use a journal, write down what you see, perceive and ask this voice: Who are you and on behalf of what entity do you stand in my way? You’re talking about the “Poison himself”, personified. Whatever your worldview is, those evil voices take on personal traits and have to be dealt with like entities. IN other words: you declare your sovereignty before them, your right to be free. Do you remember what Jesus did, when he was confronted with those entities they called demons? He asked them: Who are you? It was his compassion that made them go or should I say transform into benign beings.

      As a father of 3 grown ups, I know what you feel. It’s great to have a child as a teacher for joy.

      Take care and contact me if you like,

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