I Feel Tired All Time – correct posture excercises


There are many reasons for feeling tired all time, for chronic fatigue. Because there’s so much to say as to all the intricate connections, I’ll treat this subject in different parts. The first part is all about muscles and bones, more accurately about connective tissues and their connection to correct posture exercises.

Observing posture

If you feel tired all time, the body posture is showing that unequivocally. But the person suffering from it is quite often not aware of this fact. So the first step to change this situation is a better awareness of yourself, of the tensions you accumulated in your body.

Take a few minutes, sit or lie down, take a few deep breaths and then go with your attention through your body. Start with your feet, continue with legs, arms, shoulders neck, bottom, belly, chest, throat, face and hair. Register the different conditions you manifest.

Correcting posture

I’ve tried a few methods which are widely used and very successful. I’m beginning with exercises and then I’ll give you some tips regarding helpfus devices.

  • General stretching, after warmup.
  • Yoga, especially the sun salutation proposed in the video below.
  • Feldenkrais, a very gentle and great method, to relax your whole body. A good friend of mine is a professional instructor. She recommends a classical guide Relaxercise, I made a review of.
  • Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat, in case you’re standing for hours at one place.
  • Exercise Stability Ball, if you want to improve your posture while sitting.

To finish up this post, I’d like to make one last remark: There are thousands and thousands of methods, don’t get lost in finding the right one. What counts the most is your decision to choose one and then practice it.

I’m interested in what you think and what works with you. So please feel free to leave a comment below, thank you.

Good luck and take care of your body!

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  1. Lis

    Hi Stefan, I have been feeling really tired all the time recently and I am glad that I came across this article.

    I use to do the sun salutation regularly, but with a busy life styles, I have neglected to continue doing these exercises. I also do Pilates and again I have not done this for a while.

    Thank you for this reminder. I will definitely start doing them again as they can make you feel so alive and wonderful.


    • Good morning Lis
      Thanks for sharing so openly! It really is a hassle sometimes to find time and motivation to do the right thing. I believe it comes down to the question if you respect yourself fully, if you take yourself at least as serious as any other person or job. Then decide yourself for the easiest step like spending time in nature and then go ahead.
      Keep going,

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