Have you changed your perception? Then you’re ready for further inspirations regarding your hidden potential. Here are five steps towards a better quality of life:

  1. How to Feed Your Soul – hidden power of emotions
  2. Fuel your body – best whole foods diet
  3. Train Your Body Type – liberated by movement
  4. Give Sleep a Chance – health benefits dreaming
  5. Love It or Leave It – magic power of sex

All these steps serve one goal:

The Coherence of the Heart

As I have established in the chapter Change by Heart – benefits of a positive mindset (click in right column), the heart really is the cardinal organ when it comes to establish a dynamic balance in your life, a steady state equilibrium. The heart is on one hand the best indicator of the extent you’re realizing this balance. On the other hand, while listening to your heart, you’ve already done the first step to make a change. Don’t we also find this wisdom in our language, when we urge to take something to heart?

The measure for a healthy balance can thus be found in the coherence of the heart. There are easy ways to show this on a computer program based on bioresonance. With this help you’re able to gain back a keen sense of your body. Basically, by way of measuring the time difference between two heartbeats through a sensor attached to your earlobe, the program assesses in detail your potential regarding physical, emotional and mental strength. At the same time, it indicates effect and progress of applied exercises.

Quick Coherence Technique – 3 easy steps

Every time you have to prepare for a challenging task or you want to overcome a bad mood or disturbing anxiety, the following simple exercise will change your whole world for the better. Before you start, find yourself a quite place, sit or lie down and relax breathing deeply a few times with great attention. Then follow thHerz Balloneese 3 easy steps:

  1. Heart focus – Turn your full attention to your heart. You can put your hand over the area of your chest and imagine the form, color and warmth of your heart pulsating smoothly.
  2. Heart breathing – Then breathe through your heart, let everything go which doesn’t belong to you and take that in which nourishes you.
  3. Heart feeling – Finally, remember a situation where you were full of joy and gratitude. Let your heart float in this feeling. Cherish it with deep affection.

It only takes a few minutes to make a difference. And when you establish this exercise as a daily ritual, the positive effect will be much greater. If you want to find out more about the science of the heart and how to use this revolutionary research, go to my product review of the HeartMath Institute.

Enjoy! Leave a comment, if you like, and share the change you’ve experienced.

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