Love It or Leave It – magic power of sex


Talking about stress relief and unleashed potential, all rivers flow into this big ocean called love. If you ponder these questions deeply and with great determination, you’ll come to the conclusion, that love is the source and goal of everything. So, whoever you are and whatever you do: love it or leave it! This is the secret of a life filled with vibrant joy and creative energy, and this is also the root of the magic power of sex.

More than copulation, sexuality describes the possibility to enjoy every aspect of life, to feel delight in things like the first rays of sunlight, children playing hide and seek or a cup of coffee. In psychological terms, if you can activate your libido uniting with the world around you. Sexual intercourse is a special case, a very attractive indeed, in that the universal power of love becomes your personal experience. Or should I say: can? Because along the way to final extasy, there are many stumbling blocks. Before getting deeper into this subject, I’ll talk about an exercise which activates your life force, also called Kundalini or Chi.

This is the most delicate topic maybe because it’s the most powerful. Sexuality provides the experience of overcoming the stressful duality of our lifes in the synthesis of an orgasm. To be touched by somebody else who loves you can be equaled with being in touch with the source of life itself. There are some very helpful excercises that help you to become receptive for this energy. Click on Exercises in the Tag Cloud on the right an look for the post Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises.

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