1. stefany

    That is great, I am not a tennis player, but I have enjoyed your post to the max. It is a lot of spirituality in your post which is beneficial to not only the tennis player but to any ordinary person.

    • Thanks, Stefany!
      you’re so right, growth in any field boils down to spirituality in the end. So we can learn from each other, if we are open and tuned our antennas.
      Cheers, Stefan

  2. Bruce

    Hi Stefan i like what you are doing with your site and products. I read about heartmath recently and was very impressed.

    • Hey Bruce, thanks. It’s really a powerful tool. And as you can see, it’s possible to make use of that knowledge with a fairly cheap tool.

  3. Mike

    I certainly believe in the power of thought. Positive thinking can carry you through many tough situations. In many cases I would go so far as to say “You become what you think”.

    • Thank you Mike for your poignant remark! In return it would suggest to watch your feelings and thoughts very carefully, because together they are more powerful than on might think. What are your experiences and insights regarding the key factors, that have your thoughts come into existence?
      Would be nice to hear from you,

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