1. Jim

    Hey man – Thanks.

    I’ve always loved music and always been heart centered, but somehow this article brought the two together and really changed me as a person. The emotion in his lyrics and voice really are moving…if you just open up and allow it to touch you.

    I was touched today. Thank you for sharing this article and the videos that obviously mean so much to you.


    • Stefan

      Hey Jim

      thanks for the personal comment! I’m happy that my post enriched your life. I wish I was in the states, so I could attend one of Cockburn’s concerts. He’s on tour now and then.

      Cheers, Stefan

  2. FreestyleSnowboarder

    Thanks for this awesome article. An ode to Cockburn from a true fan!

    My dad is a huge fan of this man and I would love to get him a gift for us to go together and see him live.

    I live in the UK and can’t find him playing any shows here. Do you know where he usually plays? I’d be willing to head over to make it a kind of holiday thing for my old man if it isn’t too far!

    Thanks in advance

    • Stefan

      Hey Olie

      great to hear from you, thanks for the feedback! This is really a good idea, to go and see Cockburn live. A struggled with the same question and even wrote to the management for tourdates in Europe. But he hasn’t been around for a while and unfortunately I haven’t seen him yet.

      So from wha I know he only tours in Canada and the States. Oh I just saw he’ll be in the UK in October. Look here: http://cockburnproject.net/

      I desperately would like to go. So if it’s is close to you, let me know. I’d love to come. The bad thing is, that I’m short of money, so have to figure.

      Cheers, STefan

  3. anthony

    This site is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You have provided great music, ideas, and tips towards handling and controlling my stress that i probably would have never thought about!

    I had no idea who Bruce Cockburn was until now, nor did i know what beautiful, calming music he had written. I gave into the stereotype that Canada could only give us hockey, maple sirup, and that god awful Justin Bieber.

    This article has opened my eyes to the true world of Canadian Music. A personal suggestion: the first Youtube Video thumbnail looks like the article is going to be on heavy death-metal bands, and this could be misleading those who only browse, you might want to change it. Besides those simple things though, Good Job!

    • Stefan

      Hey Anthony

      I’m really excited about the fact that you made a new musical discovery with my post! Thanks for the supportive feeback. As to the Youtube Thumbnail, I have to try if I can change it.

      Bruce Cockburn is such a multifaceted singer and songwriter! You’ll find deep lyrics and suitable melodies for almost every mood and circumstance. I want to point you to a famous example, the controversial song: “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” which deals with the American intervention in the Nicaragua of the 80’s.

      I wish you many precious hours going through this huge song book!

      Cheers, Stefan

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