NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FACTSYou’ve already set your goals. But how you get there is still not clear yet. Thus my suggestions for today: simple steps – real change. The first few days of this year are over. What can I say about the new year’s resolution facts, personal as well as statistical? Let me share with you, what I discovered that really works if you want to make a difference in your life.

Real change begins in the hidden corners of your heart.

Do you know what’s really astonishing? You won’t believe it, but these are the new year’s resolution facts: Only 8 % of all resolutions being made by individuals worldwide are successful and come to fruition. In my mind, this has to change. Here are 4 easy ways to get there, at least they are easy to understand and follow 😉

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1. Don’t tell anyone your ambitious plans

Don’t tell anyone your ambitious plans

You might think, telling your family and friends about your plans, is the most natural thing to do. Yes, but the least helpful. Here, the brain plays a trick on you. After sharing all your goals and resolutions, a substance will be released which gives you the feeling of having already reached the goal. As a result you will lose the drive to continue with your efforts, the motivation for change breaks down. So keep your little secrets for yourself as an incentive!

2. Don’t ask too much of yourself

Don't ask too much of yourself

Your body simply cannot cope with radical change like quit smoking all at once and maybe reducing weight at the same time. An overload will compromise you in the end. Start with one thing and go step by step, for example by detoxing your body with tee and juices, going to the sauna and so on. The same is true for change in the professional field: Let it grow organically.

3. Don’t make a fuss about it!

Don't make a fuss about it!

When you get up in the morning, don’t stress yourself. Make small steps at a time and integrate them in your daily routine like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. These are the things you just have to do if you want to keep going. So it becomes all natural and easy.

4. Don’t eat this

Don't eat thisJust as you’ll never feed your dog with junk food, avoid following items by all means. Why? Because you are, what you eat. The effect of that truth is astonishing. Once you quit them, you’re gonna be much better in your mind, vitality, decision making and so on.

  • Fast food – in general
  • Sugar – do not take more than 15 grams per day.
  • Aspartame – artificial sweetener (in many sweets, diet soda). By the way, it’s forbidden for army pilots, because it damages the brain!
  • High fructose corn syrup – contains mercury. Found in ketchup f.e. and makes you fat and dumb.
  • GMOs (genetically modified organisms) – readd the tags, they’re found in most staple crops.

In summary: Be aware what kind of sweetness you let into your life and how much! Then watch yourself changing and belong to those with successful new year’s resolutions facts.

Simple Steps Real Change

This is just a short cut. If you’re interested in a deeper discussion regarding the best ways to realize change in your life, read my post WHAT IS THE SECRET OF HYPNOSIS – How To Access The Subconscious Mind. Even more helpful inputs will you find researching my site with the help of the tags in the column on the right-

I’m interested in what you think and what works with you. So please feel free to leave a comment, thanks.

Hang in there!



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  1. Marie

    Thanks for sharing, it is so good! I think you are absolutly right. I think most of us are to hard on ourselves and expect to much from ourselves.

    • BAsically it boils down to the old Greek wisdom: know thyself! That also includes everything you’re connected with, because in the end, you are the world. But that’s another topic for another time 😉

  2. theresa

    I agree with not telling anyone your goals. Not only do you not work on achieving them as much, but if you do fail to achieve them, it makes you feel like a failure for everyone to see. Being realistic about your goals is another good point because if they are in your reach and you achieve them, it will empower you to make new goals to achieve as well. I do find it hard to change my diet though. With such a busy, fast paced life, it’s hard to find the time to eat properly. Any suggestions?

    • Stefan

      Hello Theresa

      thanks for your kind remarks! Indeed, it takes some experience, wisdom and honesty to come to this point. When it comes to healthy diet, you’ve touched on a neuralgic point, I agree.

      Since I don’t know you and your life style, it’s hard to give a valid advice. Besides adjusting your schedule, I would look if you could prepare some food in advance, like smoothies, put them in the fridge and take it whenever you need. Preparing healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated.

      You can get some ideas here on this post:…. And you’ll find much more researching with the tags on the rigth hand side.

      Good luck and a joyful 2016, Stefan

  3. Andrian

    Hi Stefan,

    Wow, I love this post!

    This post is great.. :)

    I agree with you that we need to make our goals private for ourselves.. You’re right when you say that saying goals to others, will give you a feeling of you already having reached your goals.. So it’s better to be quiet while achieving our goals.. :) It’s also in the “Think and Grow Rich” book, wherein, Napoleon Hill suggested that we need to be quiet with our plans.. so that others would not take that plans from us.

    Overall, it’s really a great post.. :) It’s simple, well written, but full of wisdom.. :)

    Thanks a lot, Stefan, for sharing. :)

    Have an Awesome Day.. :)

    Cheers, Andrian

    • Stefan

      Hey Adrian

      thanks a lot for your kind review! It really is improtant to always have some inspiration at your side. I realize it every time when I try to reach new goals. So, I’m happy to be a companion in that sense, as you confirm an important aspect yourself.

      A very happy and joyful 2016, Stefan

  4. Italian Brave Heart

    Guess what? I follow a simple plan similar to your 4 point plan and i’m happy to say that I’m still one of the 8%…I’ve kept to my new years resolution. I think the secret has been not tell anyone…don’t ask, I’m not telling you! Great site, I’ve bookmarked this and hope to follow some more of your advice.

    • Stefan

      Hey there, thanks for your great support! In the end, when you look at daily challenges and understand them, practical wisdom is simple.

      Take care, Stefan

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