1. Sylvia


    Oh man I really enjoyed your article and I am so happy to find it too. I certainly bookmarked your site.

    I am a strong believer in self-hypnosis rather than being hypnotized by someone else. I did it in the past and I have to say my mind was to strong to let go and follow the guidance.

    But, in the 90’s I did a two weeks of “Temple Sleep” which still to this day I would say was not only amazing but successful too.

    Emil Cues` statement I still use to this day “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” It is powerful and in the long run does produce astonishing results.

    The mind is strong and I know it can move mountains.

    I could certainly talk more, but for today leave it. I really enjoyed your article and looking forward to more.


    • Stefan

      Hi Sylvia

      Great to hear from you and your experiences! In one of my next posts, I’d like to deal with some critical aspects of hypnosis. Concerning Emil Cues, many say his method is just an act of repression because he doesn’t take into account what C. G. Jung calls the Shadow, the dark and stranding side of ones personality. What is your oppinion to that after having worked with such affirmations?

      I’m anxious to hear from you!

  2. George

    Wow this is such an informative article.

    I have always considered hypnosis as some sort of hoax but the information here has totally changed my perspective!

    I guess our ancestors really knew what they were doing, thus, their recorded longevity.

    Good job! I will be back for more on the subject.

    • Stefan

      Thanks George!

      First I was sceptical too, because the topic hypnosis can get too close to the Positive Thinking Movement, which has some rather suspicious aspects.

      Hypnosis, seriously done, is not an escape from the shadowy side of ones life. Moreover it leads right into the meat of the matter.

      I’m lookin forward to elaborate mor on it. My older post pick up some of it.

      Cheers, STefan

  3. NemiraB

    Hello Stefan.

    Your article is overwhelming. There’s so much information. I guess that you can publish an ebook. I think that hypnosis is an important but not so much explored topic by common people. I mean that doctors, medical students or people who have an interest in this theme, are knowledgeable with it.

    Ordinary human beings, who are busy with their lives, do not have intention to think about it. It is a pity, because using self hypnosis, people could help themselves achieve better results such as health, prosperity and overall well-being.

    I do not see here the Silva Method. Maybe you will write later about it. You do not need any doctors or specialists, who put you in a hypnotic state. You can do it by yourself. What excites me is, that this technique can be used by anybody and achieve results. People learn how to “see” answers to insoluble problems, rid themself of fatigue, learn how to relax, conquer loss and fear. It is similar to hypnosis.

    Thank you for providing us great information and introducing history of hypnosis evolution. All the best to you, happy writing, Nemira

    • Stefan

      Hello Nemira

      thanks for your exciting comment! I haven’t thought of an ebook yet, what a good idea 😉

      Well, you’re absolutely right, the power of self suggestion is not that known in public. Only compareable to those programs which come from the esoteric corner like The Secret or from the positive thinking crowd. For sure there are some helpfuls aspects to it, but in my mind, as an overall system it’s dangerous because it imposes an artificial construct over your specific life leaving out the shadowy and darker parts.

      As to the Silva Method, I’ll pick it up as a very valuable tool which I go to know as a college professor working with students suffering from black out in exams. Could you recommend a website to me? Thanks!

      Cheers, Stefan

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