TIPS FOR A HEALTHY HEART – How to Unlock Your Imagination

How-to-Unlock-Your-ImaginationHave you ever wondered why my site is called Heart Based Power? Do you want an integral look at why I talk about smoothies, supplements and sex as well as hypnosis, humor and heart attack? Because I have one purpose: to offer you Tips for a Healthy Heart. It is the key for a life full of joy and rich relationships with other humans and nature. Basically you’ll get there in learning how to unlock your imagination.

The heart is the linchpin with regard to the integration of body and soul.

Whatever you’ll find here on HeartBasedPower, it’s all about reestablishing the heart as the center of our life, organically as well as metaphorically. Herein I’m following groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience and biophysics. And for a larger interpretation framework, I’ll put all new insights into the context of the European roots of western  culture. All the information gathered here I treat in a way that it can serve you as Best Natural Stress Relief. And it all amounts to a Holistic View of Health Promotion.

Heart Centered Rebalancing

TIPS FOR A HEALTHY HEARTThoughts, words and actions are three dimensions of life, that differentiate us as humans. All cultural achievements result from that. Brain research has shown that we as humans can display our best abilities and traits when we apply these three dimensions in a mindful way, when we are in a state of verve and enthusiasm. To what extent this is the case, it can be observed via biofeedback measuring the heart coherence.

In plain language, this means that by measuring with a pulse sensor we can display the balance between the heart and the brain on a computer chart. At first glance, you can detect someone’s physical, mental and emotional state and potential. At the same time, applying simple heart coherence exercises, you’re able to strengthen the overall balance.

So I come to the following conclusion:

Our heart reminds us of mindfulness based living which fosters essentials of human behavior. It is the key to humanity.

Technocratic Threat to Heart Centered Living

Technocratic Threat to Heart Centered LivingAfter many years of experience and study I came to the following conclusion: those living from the heart – who aren’t of service to self but of service to others – are under serious threat, and with them the core and centerpiece of our culture rooted in western Europe; in other words: the empathetic individual which fights for freedom establishing a healthy living space for his descendants. What’s left today is an individual without a soul, heartless and narcissistic.

The reasons for this threat are manifold ranging from pedagogical meanders to mass medias and the transhuman agenda. The latter concerns the unheard of synthesis of humans with new technologies. I see the common denominator in the delusion of technocratic control. In addition to that the epidemic numbers of cardiovascular diseases point to the seriousness of the current existential crisis. I’m convinced: often times unconsciously many suffer from lack of connection to their inner calling, to their purpose in life.

Flourishing by the Power of Imagination

I see the key for a real turn around towards an existence living from the heart in the hidden power of imagination, in creative fantasy. Exactly for that I would like to open new spaces for many where they can imagine and build together a free life without restraints by an impersonal system; a new life which isn’t under the thumb of totalitarian corporatism, but which is largely in charge of itself thriving organically.

Flourishing by the Power of Imagination

Obviously, the current turbulent stage of world politics doesn’t allow us to pretend as if we were in a calm zone. At best we’re in the middle of the eye of the storm. So, to find a peaceful and healthy heart we also have to look at the most urgent challenges like economic wars and mass migration.

This is not the place for a sound analysis and discussion of practical solutions. For now, I’ll take the crisis as a chance to pay attention carefully. It’s an opportunity to break out of old patterns and overcome bad habits.

The chaos in the outside world throws us back on to ourselves demanding from us to take a careful look and ask the question: Is it really possible to overcome the dualism which tears us apart between all or nothing, black or white, now or never? Can we face our own shadows so we don’t have to project them on to the person standing next to us? Can we imagine a world determined by empathy?

Healing for a Broken Heart

Heart Centered RebalancingYou’re right, I meant broken heart. I really believe that most of us are handicapped by a broken heart, some by traumatic personal experiences – remember, it’s what you feel that counts! -, some by a collective trauma imprinting. In a later post I’m going to elaborate on that. Meanwhile I assume that much of our dysfunctional behavior is trying to cover this dark spot.

Deep down I believe that a true way of healing has to go through these dark and hurting places. Beyond lies the land of resurrection and a thriving life! What I can do with my site Heart Based Power is to help you prepare for this journey, to become self-confident and strong in order to take the next step, whatever it may be. What you will find, are Inspirations on many levels taking the basic aspects of your life into consideration which are:

  • How to Feed Your Soul – hidden power of emotions
  • Fuel your body – best whole foods diet
  • Train Your Body Type – liberated by movement
  • Give Sleep a Chance – health benefits dreaming
  • Love It or Leave It – magic power of sex

At this point I have to utter an explicit warning about a fact I only became aware of recently. In our society we have to deal with a certain amount of people who absolutely lack empathy, so called psychopaths. Scientists reckon with a number between 1,5 and 5%. We’re threatened with a dangerous predatory species, totally different from the rest of us. At first, this is shocking but in the end it makes it easier and more effective to meet reality.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

Living from the HeartIn summary, the pursuit to regain and keep a healthy heart is a long-term undertaking with many side ways, surprises and challenges. Like with every goal in life, you sit down and reflect upon priorities, milestones and measures. Some issues must be addressed immediately, some can wait a little longer. And if you wish, I’ll be at your side accompanying you on your journey. For immediate relief or support go to my Best Health Shop. There you’ll find many hand-picked items.

Whatever is on your heart now shall find an equal attention in one of my posts or pages. This is my pretense. But since this is a living project which is far from being perfect or all-encompassing, I always need your opinion or inspiration. So please let me know if you’re missing some important aspects.

Get in touch with me over the comment section below or via email. If you like, sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date (right column on top). Tell me what’s in your heart and on your mind! I’m happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention, Stefan

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  1. Erica

    I have always believed that the heart is far more than just a muscle so I can identify with your premise.

    I was so interested to read that there are about 40000 neurons in the heart. The idea that more information flows from the heart to the brain than the other way round is also intriguing.

    I think you have a unique perspective that people can only benefit from.

    • Stefan

      Hi Erica

      thanks for your support! I’m convinced that the material and measurable side of the heart is only one side of the coin. To my mind, this mysterious organ with its strong electromagnetic field is also a bridge or portal into the spiritual world, at least into the unseen. From there we could take on a long conversation 😉

      Cheers, Stefan

  2. Josh

    Dr Stefan,

    I really enjoyed how you portrayed the heart as being so much more than just an organ. It could also be thought as the fountain of life.

    I strongly agree with your point of being service to others. In my opinion we have forgotten the value of service altogether and tend to focus only on our needs.

    • Stefan

      Hey Josh

      thanks a lot. Yes, a beautiful metaphor you propose. Our heart becomes a fountain of life when we connect through it to the Source of Life and all that exists. From that point of view, service to others and service in itself comes naturally.

      Take care, Stefan

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