Train Your Body Type – liberated by movement

Break Dance

It doesn’t have to be brake dance anyway, just a form of regular movement with which you can train your body type. Of course, it’s rather a platitude to support this kind of natural stress reliever, but with my considerations I hope to shed a different light on it. Once you turn this into a personal habit, you’ll be liberated by movement in many ways.

If you’re not an exercising fan

As to this topic, there are two kinds of people: exercising fans and couch potatoes. Please do not feel insulted, if you belong to the latter group. I think in our day and age of performance and stress, it’s a great trait not to be on the run all the time taking it more easily. Those I’d like to encourage: go outside for a walk; 20 minutes a day can prolong your life up to one third!

If you belong to the first group, give yourself a break sometimes, stop measuring the success and have yourself charmed by slow motion. You might discover the world around you in a colorful way.

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