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Lundell_DwightLet me share with you breaking news, the truth about cholesterol levels. I just came across a profound essay by the experienced heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell. He confirms my assumption, that we are entrapped by a high cholesterol myth. In addition to that, we may know, the right foods prevent heart disease. After 25 years of clinical experience and more than 5’000 open-heart-surgeries, Dr. Lundell admits he was wrong.

Does saturated fat cause heart disease?

Up until now we were told over and over again, what can cause heart disease. There are basically two main tenets, generally accepted among the heart specialists as well as in the public domain, that stand out:

  1. High cholesterol is the cause of coronary heart disease.
  2. Saturated fats cause high cholesterol.

Consequently the cure for this ailment was 1) in a drug called Statin and 2) in a low fat diet with as little saturated fat as possible. No these widely held so called truths are being refuted now with strong words by Dr. Lundell:

ID-100251769“The long-established dietary recommendations have created epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the consequences of which dwarf any historical plague in terms of mortality, human suffering and dire economic consequences.

Despite the fact that 25% of the population takes expensive statin medications and despite the fact we have reduced the fat content of our diets, more Americans will die this year of heart disease than ever before.”

Inflammation is the main cause of heart disease

On the contrary, we are asked to look at the real cause for heart disease which is inflammation of the artery walls. Behind this degenerative process lies first and foremost wrong nutrition: an overload of processed carbohydrate like sugar and flour (esp. wheat), in general all the prepared convenience food. What makes the situation even worse are the omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower, which are added in there.

Healthy foods reverse and prevent cardiovascular problems

So, to make the story short, here are Dr. Lundell’s recommendations: in order to heal and prevent hart disease, reduce the above mentioned items and go back to granma’s kitchen, simple and full of natural organic products like vegetables and fruits of all colors. Enjoy for example eggs and bacon with a good slice of spelt bread and butter.

In a nutshell: reduce overweight, do some exercise and eat healthy food – that’s what Dr. Lundell already proposed some years ago in a youtube-clip.

I’m interested in what you think and what works with you. So please feel free to leave a comment, thanks.

Bye Stefan


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  1. Allyn

    Oh, how times change but yet stay the same. My wife’s father passed away in 1966 following open heart surgery, one of the early patients with this surgery at Cleveland Heart Clinic. The diagnosis: high cholesterol!

    My wife-to-be, at that time in high school, was tested and found to have cholesterol levels in the high 400s. She’s been treated since then on every medication possible, has had 4 stents and finally open heart surgery.

    We’ve watched this battle over cholesterol for more than 40 years, easily recognizing that the standard definition did not fit all cases. Thanks for sharing this doctor’s “breakthrough”.

    • Thanks, Allyn, for sharing! It must be quite a hassle when you’re caught up in these health problems. I wish you and your wife, that you’re able to reverse her ailments.

      Bless you,

      • Allyn

        Thanks. In my wife’s case, it’s a matter of hereditary conditions. All the dieting in the world barely makes any difference. Over time, they found a decent combination of medications that reduced the cholesterol levels.

        Truth be told, most doctors know very little about this subject. Most assume the older beliefs are still true. But, we still see very fit, younger people with low cholesterol having killer heart attacks, so obviously there is a lot more to this subject.

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