ID-10036485Yes, this website is dedicated to you – to your secret powers, to your soul’s calling. There are many things that put you down sucking out all the energy. Here you’ll find inspiration to unleash the best natural stress relief, rooted in the Heart Based Power. I’m dedicated to the Holistic View of Health Promotion.

Change by heart

It’s my deepest belief however, there’s only one question that counts: Are you looking for change by heart? What’s the driving force in your life? Is it your true self that is connected to everything around you? Which parts of your actual life do you encompass with your whole personality and which ones not? Deep down in your heart, I’m sure you can sense it. Because along this path you’re able to hook yourself up to the source of life.

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For an easy navigation, you’ll find in the first part a general overview From Stress to Flow. In the second part Inspirations as to the transfer of new insight in to your life. In the third part you can go to the Best Health Shop poking among many helpful items. In order to see the blogroll just click on the banner like below.

HeartBasedPower - Best Natural Stress Reliever

Without further ado, start with your actual life here and now, look at the heart of the matter, namely the Secret of Flow, and observe exactly your reactions. What’s going on in your mind, where do you resonate and where do you feel resistance?

Does it feel like standing on the earth, surrounded by water, agitated by fire, swaying in the air? Then you can imagine how it is standing on a volcano reconnecting with the four basic elements of the earth, then you’re on track towards the fountain of life. I’m honored to be in your company, keep the positive energy flowing!

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