1. Sammi

    This is such a relevant issue for me at the moment. I’ve not managed to shift my baby weight in the last 2 years and I’ve been told I’ve got adrenal fatigue which is exactly what you are explaining!

    I’ve been taking Magnesium for the past 3 weeks and I’m starting to feel so well on it, I also have huge scoops of magnesium flakes in my baths!

    This is a really great article and I’ve bookmarked it! Sammi

    • Stefan

      Hi Sammi

      thank you so much for your engaged comment! I’m glad for every single person who gets some benefit out of this article.

      Cheers, Stefan

  2. George

    Hi Stefan,

    This is a really interesting post, jam packed with useful information.

    You are exactly right. Listening to your body is the key for any fitness goal. I am actively trying to pay attention to any somatic abnormality within the day and adjust for a healthier lifestyle.

    What would you suggest for someone with a constant sense of bloating?

    Thank you in advance

    • Stefan

      Hi George

      thank you for your personal remark. I’m glad you’ve found some inspiraiton along with helpful tips. Now, as to the bloating you mentioned, I can relate very well. Let me tell you just a few things.

      1) It is most certainly a problem of the gut flora. So I would make a diary over a few days and observe which nutrients are compatible and which not.

      2) As a first measurement I would recommend to provide your intestines with probiotic bacterias. You’ll find them primarily in sauerkraut or in buttermilk.

      3) I’ll write a post to this topic. Until then feel free to come back and contact me!

      Hang on, Stefan

  3. Richard H

    Hello, thx for the great post on how to lose belly fat! I’ve been struggling with vitamins and which ones I should take. You mention magnesium and how it helps absorb calcium. What would be the best food for magnesium?
    Or would a multivitamin help more, I’d like some clarification on this. Thank you.

    • Stefan

      Hi Richard

      thanks for your question. Here I cannot do justice to your overall situation. In addition to a balanced nutrition I’m proposing look for the following foods rich in magnesium:

      1) Dark green leafs (spinach, kale or chard); 2) Nuts and seeds; 3) Fish; 4) Soybeens; 5) Avocado; 6) Bananas; 7) Dark chocolate; 8) Low fat yoghurt.

      Enjoy your meal! Stefan

  4. Michael

    I like that you have such a nice clean look to your website. It is very inviting and clear. Your foods page is great. I love the selection on the book page and I’m very interested in reading many of these titles. The about me page is great. It’s nice to know how you decided to start your blog. I’m very impressed by your website and I’ve bookmarked it because I know I’ll want to come back to lear more. Do you run any seminars?
    Good content clearly presented.

    • Stefan

      Hi Michael

      thanks for supporting what I’m posting on my site! It really mirrors my heart. Now as to seminars, I’m offering workshops and courses in different settings, although in Switzerland. Thus I suppose it’s a little far away from you. What I’m thinking of is to develop online seminars or at least coachings. The latter is quite easy to do over skype.

      Have you heard of a good way to do it? Or do you know somebody? I hadn’t time to research it yet.

      All the best to you, Stefan

  5. Viljoen

    This is a very insightful article on losing weight and the 5 tips that is given is golden. I have seen so many people that stuff their mouths full of food in order to relieve stress.

    Depression is also a vicious cycle that “forces” to eat in order to feel good again. Weight loss has become a more psychological aspect than just a physical one.

    • Stefan

      Hi there

      thanks for the feedback! Yes indeed, eating habits have a lot to do with emotional balance. From what I observed, in the end it leads to spiritual questions: How do you deal with the fact that you have been hurt? And in order to protect yourself from getting hurt again, is it possible that you accumulate fat cells avoiding further pain?

      In this sense, weight loss is more than a technical issue. I hope to provide valuable inspiration for a new look at life.

      Cheers, Stefan

  6. Baker Osman

    Hi Stefan,

    Great website you have there. First of all, the domain name – heart based power. What a nice pick. Isn’t it what life is all about ? If your heart is healthy, that is what all that matters. Also, the way you chose to present the idea with all the topics leading to the essence of the message is very well constructed. At the end, I decided to just stay as an admirer although in the beginning my intention was to give some “good” suggestions. LOL. Very impressive.

    Secondly, I am using Omega, exactly the same WordPress theme. But, compared to your website, mine is nowhere near in terms of making the best use of it. I would really appreciate if you could share some secrets.

    I wish you all the best with your website !

    Baker Osman

    • Stefan

      Hey Baker

      first, let me thank you for your compliments! I’m so excited that you got the overall picture of what my sit is all about. In that sense, most of the time it takes more than a quick read to really benefit from it. But in return, you’ll probably gain more than you expected.

      As to the secrets of how I’m using the Omega theme, I’d rather write a separate post. Because with a few words, I wouldn’t do you justice. I’ll give you a note when I’m done.

      Finally, your first name is identical with my last name translated into English. Nice coincidence 😉

      I wish you all the best for 2016, Stefan

  7. G.C.Horton

    Thank you for writing this article. I learned so much. Before reading “What is the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast: 5 Tips Lose Belly Fat,” I had no idea that magnesium was so important for fighting stress or the best way to add it to my diet. I’ll find some cacao rich chocolate today and add it, as well as cashews to my diet.

    • Stefan

      Hi there

      thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you could apply some of my advice right away and I wish you can improve the quality of your life!

      Cheers and happy 2016, Stefan

  8. Holly

    This is such an informative post – thank you. I love food and am constantly looking for ways to be more healthy rather than reach for the junk food. I now drink a lot of green tea as I’ve heard how good a detox it is. I was interested to read how nuts, cheese, chicken and black chocolate are anti stress foods… you learn something new everyday!

  9. Cathy

    Hi there Stefan,

    Interesting read on how to loose weight through nutrition and lifestyle management. Although I am not really that overweight, I am most of the time stressful and take irregular meals and I could already feel my waist size increasing. This is something that I’ll have to learn to manage better.

    What I want to point out is the concept of glycemic index. I wasn’t aware of this until my mom was diagnosed with diabetes and we started searching for food that she can and can’t eat.

    I see a few culprits on the chart like ice-cream, white bread and watermelon – something we consume a lot at home. It’s really helpful to have a chart reference like that for her grocery shopping. So thank you for that!

    • Stefan

      Hello Cathy

      thanks for sharing your perspective! It really comes down to a loving relationship with your body. Fighting overweight is already a huge warning sign in most cases. Well, some people are simply bigger than others without having health problems. But mostly many aspects fo life are screwed up.

      I realized that after having improved my consciousness regarding my body and my emotional life as a whole, I’m developing much healthier appetites.

      Take care, Stefan

  10. Tamara

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I love your 5 tips that you explained. I didn’t know that magnesium is food number 1 for stress relief. I am consuming magnesium every night in pills (400 mg). What do you think is this sufficient for stress relief? I am very interesting about detoxing and neutralizing body. Looking forward to reading your next posts.

    • Stefan

      Hello Tamara

      thank you very much for your comment! As to the magnesium, 400 mg will do under normal circumstances. It depends on the circumstances of course. When you sweat more in the summer time, for example, you need to take more. Or eat more food with magnesium.

      In one of my next post, I’ll write about detoxing the body. Here’s a good idea: When you apply coconut oil pulling every morning, then you’ve got a little detox. Read this link http://heartbasedpower.com/coconut-oil-pulling-ben

      Another great way is mixing and drinking your own smoothies. They have great health benefits! http://heartbasedpower.com/best-ingredients-for-sm

      I wish you lots of joy, Stefan

  11. Maria

    Oh wow, great tips here and laid out in such a simple way! You clearly know what you’re talking about. The element of stress is huge. When I was younger, stress made me lose weight and now as I get older the opposite is true – it grows my belly out. I think that our bodies know our minds – and react to it. I will bookmark this and I have this low glycemic list now handy – thank you!

    • Stefan

      Hi Maria

      thanks for your personal comment. As to the change in your reaction towards stress I have to say, that women after 40 normally tend to accumulate a little more belly fat. So don’t let the bastards grind you down 😉 Keep cool, embrace your body and forget all the photo shopped ideals! Even if a woman has worked terribly hard to tighten her belly – is it really worth it?

      Take care, Stefan

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