WHY IS 50 SHADES OF GREY SO POPULAR– Top Government Secrets

50-shades-zoomEverybody, almost, is talking about the new sadomaso movie. Why is 50 shades of grey so popular? Basically I really don’t care what adults are doing with each other, as long as they are in full agreement. And I also don’t see it as a sign of freedom in the 21st century if sadomasochism becomes part of an open debate. We’ve already had that stuff enough.

On the contrary, what stresses me out, are three top government secrets. There might be more, I’m pritty sure. Anyway, regarding this soft porn movie the real scandal lies hidden under a scandalous façade of bondage, like a magical trick.

1. Love you to bits

Yes indeed, aggressiveness is part of a healthy sexual behavior. That’s the first secret. Or haven’t you, at least once, whispered in your lover’s ears: “I love you to bits”? Right here, our language hints to a basic life force, sexuality, which an unholy alliance of government and religion is trying to regulate and control with the support of political correctness and draconian law enforcement, while the real scumbags are running around free.

Please think about that: if private and intimate affaires become a matter of politics, something just isn’t right anymore. Or do you want to reduce your colorful range of expressions to 50 shades of grey?

2. No woman a bitch

The other disturbing thing, in my view, is the apparent sexualization of women culminating symbolically in the pop star Miley Cyrus. Remember when she was twerking at a recent MTV Award, dressed up only in underwear and sticking out her tongue? Just a few years ago, my daughter looked up to her Miley-Cyrus-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-Pictureswhen she still was acting as little nice girl Hanna Montana. Having reached legal age now, she’s impregnating all her fans with a fully fletched image of a bitch.

Again, I’m all for sexually mature and liberated women. But here, I see the destruction of the feminine itself in full swing. More and more women are raping their own essence without realizing it. Damn, who’s gonna crack that whip and make a change?

3. Bonding not bondage

Finally, will sadomasochism ever rule the world? To be honest, as long as it’s a question of taste, I don’t even start arguing about this kind of role play, I don’t care either. This blog isn’t the right place to share sexual preferences. But isn’t it funny or rather sad, that true bonding out of love – not love for money! – seems to be buried under a lot of fuss about bondage?

To me it looks like an unconditional surrender to the fact that romantic love swans-342887_1280doesn’t work in the long run. Can you see the bonds in the mirror of bondage? If so, what would be true liberation? And can we talk about love at all, as long as the notion of love  revolves around gratification and need? For me Jiddu Krishnamurti has become the most important companion inthe exploration of essential questions.

I leave you with this question. Of course, sex sells like always, even more so when tabus are pushed further and further. My post on the rhetorical question Does Sex Sell Products? takes this thought a step further. Nevertheless, I still haven’t been to the cinema, and considering all the critiques I’m not sure if I’m going to.

Crack the whip and let us know, what you think! I’m looking forward to you participating in the comments below.

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